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Whitefish Lodging

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I've been looking at budget-minded travel options in Whitefish and it looks like the choice is coming down to Downtowner, Super 8, or Pine Lodge. I was wondering if anybody could give me their thoughts on any/all of them, and whether the Super 8 and Pine Lodge are close enough to the downtown area to be easily walkable for meals, "nightlife," and just generally being a tourist (when we're not skiing/boarding of course).

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Downtowner is REALLY downtown. PeteNoIdaho has stayed there, you might ask him for details. The Pine Lodge is okay if you are walking, but after a few drinks at the Great Northern you might be risking a fall on snowy sidewalks, as it's just on the edge of things. The Super 8 is a bit closer, but frankly, I can't even picture the place. I'll have to make a point of driving by it today. I've looked at the picture on the web and just by the size of the parking lot I'd say it's out of town, well off the highway, but the number says it isn't. My husband can't picture where the Super 8 is, either..... If you have to pick one of these, I'd say the Downtowner is the most convenient. It backs right onto the shopping district and is one to two blocks from all the restaurants.

Of course, personally, I'd have to be really on a budget for these to be in my top few places. How much are they per night?
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IIRC the Pine Lodge and Super 8 are next door to one another. Priced the same, I think I would take the Pine Lodge.

I have not stayed at the Downtowner in 20 years, but its location is certainly much better.
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We drove by last night. The Pine Lodge would get my vote over the Super 8 based on the exterior. But, if you want downtown access, the Downtowner (appearance not much better than the Super 8) would be the one to stay at.

Like I said, ask PeteNoIdaho about the Downtowner. My recollection of what he said was that it was basic, but the location and the price were right.

But, still interested to know what rates you are seeing for these places as compared to some of the B&B's such as Garden Wall, Good Medicine Lodge, and the Hidden Moose Lodge.
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Downtowner: Great Hot Tub, Great People and crawling distance to the bars (and ski bus). The others are way too far from everything.
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Thanks for all of your comments. We decided on the convenience of the Downtowner.

Regarding prices we were quoted, the Downtowner is $85+tax/night. Pine Lodge is $105+tax/night. And if pre-paid (meaning no refunds), the Super 8 was about $52+tax/night. The nicer places looked to start at $140/night and went up pretty quick from there. Normally I'm all for shoveling out a little extra for nicer digs, but we want this trip to be as economical (and fun) as possible ... so price and location were our priorities.

We're both looking forward to the train ride and spending a few days in Whitefish. Hope it gets a bunch of snow between now and then. :-)
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It's probably too late, but Flathead Travel often has great package deals, both with Amtrak and the airlines.

When are you coming, by the way?
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Yeah; we already booked the train and the lodging.

We'll be arriving Christmas morning and staying until Sunday night.

Hope you guys have a great base by then!
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Me, too. Right now, it looks pretty grim. Latest report:

Hikers are reporting 2 new inches on Saturday for a total of about 6 on the ground in the upper areas of the mountain. Temperatures are expected to drop into the 20s starting Tuesday afternoon, which will hopefully allow us to get our snowmaking effort underway. Snow is also expected between now and the 6th.
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Well, looks like you're still hurting for snow, but we're coming anyway. Maybe you'll get some for Christmas ... we're hoping!!!
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Originally Posted by thelawgoddess View Post
Well, looks like you're still hurting for snow, but we're coming anyway. Maybe you'll get some for Christmas ... we're hoping!!!
I am still in recovery mode and not much company, I'm afraid. Hopefully, you'll have a great time.
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