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Aspen lodging deadline

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Hi all,

Just wanted to let those who are planning on attending the AspenSnowmass ESA know that deadlines are coming up next month. You need to book at the Wildwood Lodge by Dec. 10 to get the $179 rate.

The deadline for registration and extra ticket orders is December 21.

Thank you!

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wow, with ESA Stowe just around the corner, its hard to fathom that ESA Aspen Snowmass is just a month after.

This event is sneaking up quickly.
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2-more days to make up your mind on ESA rates at Snowmass.
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According to Weems and Nolo there seems to have been a change in the lodging deadline:


Don't know why Weems posted in the General Skiing Discussion
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Thanks! I didn't get the memo on the extension to the 17th.
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Don't know why Weems posted in the General Skiing Discussion
To get the word out to a larger group than visits this forum.

We got an extension on the lodging deadline because we haven't sold our room block and we asked for another week to do so. When we schedule these events, we have to sign contracts and guarantee bookings.
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Are you saying you would sleep better if people would kindly sign up now?
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You could say a lot rests on that, yes.
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