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From shaped to straight, then what?

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Found a pair of early-90s(?) Rossi 7SK's (201) (w/Marker bindings) (for $15) in a thrift store. They're in remarkably good condition. At some point, I'll take 'em out and see what's up. I've been skiing 4 seasons and so have only been on "shaped" skis. What should I keep in mind when I try these things. A little more work to the edge-set?
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Why would you want to ski a straight, demanding ski that is 201 cm long? Ok, I had to ask, but you certainly do not have to explain yourself. I shall asume that you are curious about straight skis.

The first thing you will find is that it takes more input to turn the ski. The input has to come from pressuring the shovels considerably more than a shorter, shaped ski. You can forget about carving with a 201cm straight ski unless you ride them fast and have the skills to bend them and commit yourself. Another new sensation will be the additional swing weight of the ski. Finally, short swing turns will require lots of work.

Before I went to shaped skis, I had 195cm straight slalom skis. I only went back to my straight skis once, was frustrated with the experience and have not touched them since.

Please let us know your experience on these skis. Good or bad, it would be interesting to see what you think of them.
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Good question. But it's just a general curiosity, plain and simple. Have NO plans right now to work on straight ski technique; I have enough on my tray getting the shaped things on edge and carving. This is SOLELY in the name of nostalgia/curiosity. They're destined to be mounted, anyway.

to stress....i have a BRAND NEW PAIR of scream-9's, my ski for the next few years. i have no plans to make these rossis anything other than "rock" skis and/or things to play around with, maybe even just once, on some nice blue groomers somewhere, then...to the wall.<FONT size="1">

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You pretty much have to put all of your weight on one ski to get it to carve, with the other one completely unweighted and primarily occupied with "Phantom Foot" techniques or other stuff like that.
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When you've tried them out make sure you let us know what you think. Pretty sure you'll decide its too much work. Then again my better half still hasn't tried shaped skis! I'm working on it...

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Alaska Mike,
I disagree. I ski a virtually straight ski. While not equally, I do weight both skis.

One thing you're going to notice on groomers is that, occasionally, you'll have less than your entire edge on the snow. Shaped skis are intended to bend so that you have maximum edge against the snow, something the straight skis don't do. From time to time, while you're turning, you'll be able to tell exactly which part of the ski edge is carving, and exactly which part is wasted.
I'm interested to see what you have to say after doing your little experiment, make sure to post what you find.
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always go forward,
nevah go straight!

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Of course a lot depends on your weight, speed, and line down the hill, but overall a straight ski requires more of a one-foot stance to carve a turn than a shaped ski. Especially for someone who is coming from a shaped ski background and is used to just tipping the ski on edge to initiate a turn. Straight skis just take more input to carve.

Watching old video of people carving down groomers on straight skis showed a lot of up and down movements and one-ski skiing, although some were less noticeable than others. I still ski this way a lot of the time, just out of habit. It's pretty hard to do GS turns on a straight ski while weighting the inside foot. A zipperline skier can definitely cut clean arcs with a weighted inside foot, but then again the ski isn't being flexed as much.
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