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Sir Francis Bacons vs. P4 vs. obSETHed

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I am looking to add an A/T setup to my quiver this year.

I am currently on a pair of 178 Mythic Riders for everyday inbounds and a pair of 181 Fujatives for my park days.

This year I plan on doing a number of days out at Bethound Pass, Loveland Pass, and Vail Pass here in CO.

I am looking for a ski to mount with some Dukes/Freerides and use primarily as my touring setup but also for deep days at the resort.

I need something that will be able to handle deep (12" plus) days but also not give up on me when I want to throw a little speed its way.

I have been considering the Line SFBs, the Scott P4s, and the K2 obSETHed. I have my concerns with each of these skis however.

I worry the Lines may be too soft, the Scott P4s a little heavy and stiff, and the obSETHed maybe not having a ski that would fit me right (I'm 6'1'' 175, strong skier...179s too short? 189s too long?)

Any adive you guys could provide would be tremendous. And if I'm leaving out any good options please let me know. The more I read about these skis and all the others on the market, the more difficult this decision becomes. Thanks!
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Anybody out there skied any of these and/or have any opinions about them?
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The 189's would not be too long for you, especially with the increased rocker over last year. My roomie is on 189 Seth's (last years) and he's maybe 5'10" 170
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I agree 100% -- you can definitely handle a 189 obsethed. not a problem at all. i think it would be a great ski to tour with. i'm pretty stoked on that ski -- i'll probably pick up a pair and put dukes on it at the end of the season, unless i run into a pile of cash before then. Some of the stuff Seth does on obsetheds in Under the Influence just boggles my mind.

i dont know how much you care about weight for a touring ski, but you should also consider looking at some lighter skis such as the pm gear bro, atomic sugar daddy and dps wailer 105. they all get great reviews as touring setups.
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Out of the three that you have mentioned I'd have to agree that the Obsethed would be the best choice. How often are you planning on skiing switch....If not there are some better choices out there that I think you may be missing out on.

Such as Coomba, Watea 101, the Pro Rider.
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I would like to be able to drop some cliffs and stick some landings switch, so a twin tip is what I'm looking for.

Is the consensus that the Bacons are just too soft?

How about the 191 Scott P4s? Anybody have any info on these? Seem a bit heavier than the obSETHeds.
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Yes the Bacons are to soft for touring IMO. The P4's are a blast to ski but if you like the sounds of a 115mm waist width check out the Dynastar Huge Trouble. Full wood core and has a similar flex to the P4 but maybe just a bit stiffer.

Here it is in action......
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Check out the Live Life or Live Life 2's. These guys are making some nice skis.

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