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Tuning boards for the first time

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I've been tuning skis for some time and have all the tools to get the job done. I need to tune snow boards now.

I have two boards to tune, Burton Feel Good and Feather Lite Boards. Does anyone know the side and base bevel levels for these two boards?

I plan on tuning the side and base bevels and waxing the boards. Anything I should know before I start?

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I'm not a boarder, but everyone I've ever asked has said 1/1.
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Edge bevel

I just chatted w/ Burton's customer service and they said 90 degrees is generally their deal right out of the factory. they weren't able to give me the 1/1 or 0/0 comparison though. the only boards they said are a bit different are the X8 and Jeremy Jones, and they're more a jibbing friendly bevel. Hope this helps.


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Wow! Zero bevel! I'd get a confirmation on that before I took it as gospel. I suppose it would not matter if all you were going to do was grind them on a rail.

BR you might want to pick up a wide scraper.
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appreciate the responses. definitely would like to hear 0/0 a few more times before i do anything at those angles. does this seem right to people?
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A few things about tuning boards vs. skis:

Don't get too worked up if you see "binding suck" - the little dimples in the base where you've screwed your bindings in. It happens to most boards and the little dimples aren't going to make a big difference. Don't waste your base trying to grind them flat and get the dimples out.

You'll be much better able to use one type wax for edges and another for the center section. This can be really useful if you are riding on man-made snow a lot. Use a more durable, harder wax on the edges and something softer for the middle. Its not a bad way to go when you might want the wax to hold up on the edges all day but need a slightly softer/warmer wax for the middle section to make it across sticky flat sections in the spring.

I'd be surprised if Burton tuned those things to anything other than 90. I tune my boards 1/2, but I ride carving/race boards so I'm probably not the one to go by.

Oh, and please don't drag your board through the parking lot on its edges. It makes me sad when I see that.
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edge bevel


If you don't believe the information, just call Burton customer service yourself. I'd trust it coming straight from the manufacturers' mouth before i'd trust any 'forum opinion' about the subject. Here's their direct phone that i called when first replying to your post:

Rider Services / W-48
Tel: (800) 881-3138

I used to tune my all mountain boards 1/2 'cuz that's what Volkl did at the factory, then i switched to 1/4 'cuz a clinic leader carved down the steepest slope i'd ever seen (at the time) and he use those base and edge bevels. Now i stick w/ 1/2 since i'm not really on that wild of terrain anymore and it gets the job done. my jib stick is straight 0/0 and has a curved up base near the edges (like a skateboard) so i don't get any edge contact, but when i tip it over, can still carve a line on a kicker or take-off.

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Sorry for the late response and thank you for the Burton phone #. I called and Nick from Customer Service said 1/1. I'm gonna call again tomorrow and see if i get a different response.
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I handed over my board for tuning by the Montana tuner at WP on Monday. It has a 1/1 on it and that's what I'm sticking to for now. When I told the tuner guy what I was using the board for, he wanted to put a 1/2 on it. I mainly freeride with this board but I've been racing it too.
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