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2 in 1 ski?

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ive seen a board with two bindings, mounted next to each other, about the size of a snowboard. it was in an old ski video. what are they called and are they still made? where can i get one?

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It's called a monoski, and seems to be more popular in Europe then in N. America. There's at least one firm (in Utah) that currently makes them.
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saw one at keystone last season, I think the only one I have ever seen.
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When I was in highschool, one of my buddies had a pair of the nordic jumping skis. He had 4 sets (maybe 3, but I think it was 4)of bindings attached. About once per year we would all take the obligatory four skiers on two planks trip down the mountain.

Talk about dysfunctional edge control!!!!

But if anyone thinks they need a pair, let me know I would be happy to keep my eyes open for a suitable pair of skis.

My only advice, keep the binding release really low!!!

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