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Just figure I share this with those of you who are interested in getting a good quality late model ski for a young aspiring skier/racer.

My 9yo (tiny build but competent skier) took a 120cm (mounted flat) out on the ice skating rink today. Because it's ice that she was skiing on, the edges had to be super sharp. So, I broke out my tuning bench and did my first tunes last night.

To start out, these skis look very well constructed for a dual event. Nice structure and super flat base. Perfectly flush between the base and the edges. Bevels were 0.5/1 deg on base and 3 deg on edges (they was a big surprise for a dual-event or anything for this size -- that probably should tell something about what level skiers these skis are intended for). I skived the side wall before I ran the file over the edges. The laminate held up really well (just like the much more expensive jr race stock) and there was plenty of top sheet left. The edges also were very easy to sharpen.

When it was put on the ice, they seem very agile. They were stiff enough for the little body to drive but soft enough so that they weren't pushing back. They seemed torsionally adequate as well. I could tell they were responding well to every maneuver that she was making.

I had my doubts about these skis. Most of that was because of the lame graphics (red/black lettering on plain white background) and name (race 10 -- give me a break!). If it wasn't for some coach's recommendation from a pro-sale, I definitely would have passed them up. When I first saw them, they looked like an entry level ski with a well constructed top sheet to me (like many in the market today).

Now, only time will tell how these guys will hold up in time. I may post something here again once she gets more mileage on them. For now, I'd like to hear about other parents' experience and what they think of these skis.