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Synergy and the Epic Ski Academy

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OK, a second very different kind of question. Dave M, any chance of having some sort of Synergy presence for our Epic Ski Academy or Gathering? I say this not as a member of the Academy organizing team but as an individual. I don't know if there would be enough people interested to make this worth your while but I thought I'd ask. By posting here you could get an assemssment of people's level of interest. I know the Academy agenda is full so it would be difficult to do this in any official manner. However, perhaps you'd find it of interest to meet face to face with some of the people with whom you've been having discussions here at Epic.

One of my thoughts along this line is that it would be interesting for you to work with a few people at the Academy or Gathering and then to be able to get feedback from them as well as their coach as to the effects. This may not be possible as it could be disruptive to the fine and full agenda Bob and Tom have already established but at least I though we might explore possibilities.

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From my reading of the Coaches' Guide and the evening presentations at the 2003 EpicSki Academy, the program has been pretty much filled without room for additions. Bob Barnes is in charge of that, so why not ask him about this for another year?

However, as to the students, it would be good to hear from each of them as to their own goals and aspirations - what each would like to take home from the Academy.
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Si, synergy has pretty much given up on skiing until such time as the prevailing mindset does an enormous paradigm shift. But since I am no longer involved only Joanne can answer this question.

Synergy was intended to create precisely that -- a synergy of all the related elements in skiing working to the good of the client. A few pros were very interested and supportive of synergy. An essential part of our process was to educate the ski pros so they could work with us so we could best serve our synergy clients (otherwise why are we here at all?). The resounding and cristal clear message we got from the Ski Pros at large is "we know everything we need to know already. We don't need synergy. Besides we just want to "keep things simple"" (translation: "we still believe the earth is flat.)

So I asked myself the question why would synergy be in skiing in the present state of dogma? There was no good reason I could find to stay with synergy. You might try contacting Joanne.
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