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First pair of ski's - Getting into the park

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Hey I'm Tom, this is my first post here. I didn't even realize there was a ski forum of this size honestly.

I've been skiing for about 15 years now, since I was 4, but I've never actually bought a pair of ski's, didn't want to while I was still growing as I would just need new ones every couple seasons. So now I'm finally going to get a set up for the new season. I consider myself an advanced skier, but not an expert, but I read the ranking thread thing on this website and I'm definatly a level 9 by that. I can take basically any groomed run I've ever come across though and i'm very comfortable on skis, and quite comfortable with moderately sized jumps too, although I don't bust any spins or grabs yet.

I'm looking for twin-tips. I'm already quite adept at riding switch just on regular K2 alpines, so hopefully twin tips will make it even easier. I mostly ride groomed runs as I'm down in So.Cal, but I do get into some powder every once and a while up in Mammoth, so a pair that can handle powder decently would be nice, but they don't have to be great at it. I'm just getting into freestyle, boxes and rails and such, so I want a ski that performs well in the park, but I'm only going to be spending like 35% of my time there maximum and I won't be doing anything too intense for a season or two anyway so I need something that is still a good all around performer.

I'm 6'2, 195 pounds, and a size 13 shoe so I was thinking about something just slightly wide, and its got to be durable because these have to last me like at least 5 seasons. Length wise I'm thinking 169-ish (You think 171?), right now I use 174's but i'd go smaller for twin tips.
Price wise I'm looking in the sort of decent price range, I don't want to spend too much but I can probably get something slightly above like K2 silencers in price range, I don't want to spend more than $300-400, but I'll be getting them either clearance or employee discount or ebay or something, I won't be paying full price.

Only other ski's I've ridden are whatever sport chalet rents, I think they're K2 Recons, and I like those fine. I've also skied the older salomon ski blades from like when they first came out and i like those fine too, I'm hoping to get a whole day of just doing demo's but i need some suggestions, so far all I know I'm trying out are K2 PE's and Silencers, and the K2 Extreme's look interesting too, I'm not really familiar with any other ski company's products though.

As far as bindings and boots I really don't know anything about them as I just use rentals so I'm open to any suggestions. I would like to spend as little money as possible in this area while still getting decent stuff.

Any help is fully appreciated.
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Line Invader twin tips =)

thats all ive got.
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K2 Public Enemies, in 174 or 179 for you. Twin-tips ski shorter than normal skis, so go longer rather than shorter.

Go search in the forum, PE's are pretty much the answer to all the "What all-rounder twin-tip should I get while on a budget?" threads. They're awesome do-everything go-everywhere skis.

Plus, they're really durable (and cheap) so they'll stand up to abuse in the park and won't cost much to replace if you break them.
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Now I'm thinking though, I have a pair of skiblades that i take out sometimes and I really don't mind shredding all over the mountain and chutes and gnarly shit on those, so if I take the plunge and go true twin tip center mount, are they really not going to bother me much even on all mountain? I'm thinking that true twins are probably going to be easier than the blades, or is it a little different with full size ski's? Will being center mounted still possibly bother me even though it doesn't on skiblades? Or will I find steep slopes and rough terrain easier on full length regardless?

If I do go directional I will either go PE or Line Chronic I think, any disadvantages to the Chronic? I think it looks cooler. Plus its called the chronic. Also, is the K2 Extreme the new PE? I think they look kind of whack honestly, although I only think PE's looked really cool in 04-05.

Oh and thanks for the length advice i didn't realize they ran shorter.
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Tom, first a little advice. You do not want to bring up skiblades, figgles, snowlerblades, or anything of the sort in this forum. You will get no help.

As for twin tips, remember you lose effective edge with the twin tips, so I would ski at least 5-8cm longer than you usually would.

The PEs are good reccomendation. I ski the K2 fujative and really like it. It seems to handle the whole mountain real well. For something with a little more powder performance, the Volkl Bridge is probably a good bet since it has a slightly larger waist.

As far as mounting position, I would not mount true center if you are planning on using them all over the mountain. This will also kill performance in deeper snow. I would go no closer than 2cm back from center.

If you need bindings, check out the Salomon STH line. You can get either the STH12 from last year or the new STH14 they put out this year. You can probably find last year's pretty cheap. They are light and strong. Great park binding.
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Sorry, didn't know skiblades were hated on here. I just bought a pair with bindings for $100 years back to **** around on. Thanks for the advice, I'll look into the fugative as well, although I'd still like to hear what people think about the Line Chronic, it seems like a pretty good prospect to me.
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