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Scotty bob skis

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Hi all, I had posted a thread under telemark about mounting my k2 silencer skis with telemark bindings and getting a pair of scotty bobs, one person remarked that they make a nice wall decoration but since production has moved they don't ski very well. I am just wondering everyone else's opinion. Anyone skied them, telemark or alpine, which model, I have searched for ski reviews high and low and some things said there was one review but there was a negative response about the camber and scotty bob didn't like the review so they haven't done released the skis for review since then. I also heard they have changed the camber issue since that review.
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Here are a couple of links about Scotty Bobs. I was a tester for them but it has been a number of years.

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They are cool looking. I met a guy on a lift in Beck a few years ago. He was a tester for the Alpine skis. He said they were fun and quick edge to edge. I asked him if he would buy a pair and he said no, but they are fun.
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I'd love to try a pair. But they scare me. As a matter of fact all retro-technology (bringing back old stuff because it is cool) scares me. Most things improve with time.

I talked to a guy who was getting them waxed in the shop one day. He said they were fun to have in the lift line, but he spent too much time trying to convince people they weren't a prototype ski for Igneous.
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hahaha. I think that those of us who want a pair kinda want them partially for the fact that they no one else they ride the lift with will be skiing them and everyone will want to talk to you about them. good way to meet new girls
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