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Adios Bears

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I must leave the Bears soon as my company is moving from Montana to Ohio. I will lose internet access for about 5 or 6 months. This has been a neat experience, AC has a jewel of a site here, I have enjoyed the visit and hope to return in the fall with a home set-up.

This post is here because I want to share an interesting tip I received last weekend. Riding the chair with a friend, whose skiing ability I respect if not worship, we were talking about how to hang on for those last hard runs of the day. There is a circuit of runs to hammer out at Bridger after the last Ridge run in the afternoon, but those last 4-5 runs can waste a body. The tip is, "no matter how tired you are, maintain proper form. Just keep your form and the turns will come by themselves". I've never thought about it that way. This is a new concept for me to practice.

Adios on the 27th, thanks.

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Sorry you're split'n - I enjoyed a lot of your posts cuz they were without Ego and from the heart.

God, I think if I had to leave Montana and move to Ohio i'd probably commit suicide.
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Me too, I'm not leaving. Thanks for the concern. I'm staying, and maintaining my form.
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Your are not moving just lossing your internet connection? Well if thats the case then i am sure you will find another connection to "Da Bears" After all I have heard rumor That there are at least 6 or 7 computers in Montana I am sure One of the Cowboys will let ya use his.

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49
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we are sorry to see you go GregB
You have got to find a library or something that has Internet Access. Or try to buy your computer from your company. then you can set it up at home.
If not Take care and talk to you in the fall..
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hope to see ya on the flipside...
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I feel your pain. I live here in Ohio and I am trying to figure a way to move to Montana. Where in Ohio are you moving? God, I hope it is North. I just got back from Southern Ohio Yikes. Great hilly country but no snow in the winter. Cold and rainy is the winter tune down there. If I can help you out (and no I don't know your boss so it looks like you are moving) here in the flatlands drop AC a note and he will pass my e-mail along. If you mountain bike there is a large organized groups of riders here.


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Thanks Powdigger,

My company, which make strollers for handicapped children, is moving to Ohio, near Cleveland. I have enjoyed 4 years working for them, as a draftsman, with Friday afternoons off for skiing. The job not only has been low stress, but spiritually rewarding to be part of the process of supplying an aid to kids that have been crippled by various conditions.

Only 1 person from this company is transferring to Ohio, the rest of us are "displaced" and remaining in Montana. I would not even consider moving across town myself.

A new computer and internet access is a matter of budgeting and will happen by late summer. By golly, I could go to the library once in a while and log on. Thanks for the reminder.
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Seeyah GregB. I'm sure it won't be for long.

Ohio? That's over in Ottland. You should drop him a note and get together on some local hill. I know it's not Montana, but what the heck, it's sliding! -----Wigs
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