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Beater Ski Choices

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I'm looking to acquire a pair of beater skis for use early in the East Coast ski season when things are not quite so good. I tend to go into places that are not quite ready for prime time, if you catch my drift. I like what I find for the most part, but the rocks, roots and dirt do a number on the skis. In general, I ski half my time on marked trails and half in the woods but not extreme BC. I am not a big fan of groomers, but I need them to get where I'm going. I've skied a long time and can go pretty much anywhere. In early seasons I ski at east coast lift-serviced resorts. I'd trend towards a decent carved ski at moderate speeds. Think of me as an "explorer".

So I'm trolling around on ebay (since I never have good luck at swaps and am not a working encylopedia of skis when I go to a swap. I often find most people who are selling stuff will say anything to sell their gear. Lots of vendors showing up now days. I also don't have the time to run around to all the swaps.

I don't want to spend a lot of money, since I'm apt to trash them pretty good with big gouges, etc. Thinking about $100.

So back to ebay. I see things like
Dynamic VR Series Skis VR02
Rossignol Cut Stage 3 Skis
Volkl Vertigo G1 Skis
Dynastar Intuitiv 71
K2 Four R
Salomon X scream 700

Remember, beater is my objective - I have other skis when I want performance.

And no, the only thing I have laying around are old long straight skis.

Am I on the right track? Thanks.
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1. Intuitiv

(marginally softer with narrower tip, won't get thrown as much when you hit something, tail easy to disengage instead of staying through the turn)

2. Dynamic
(Ok, so the tail is a little fatter but I just plain like Dynamics, we should have more of them out on the slopes)

3. Volkl
(Easier to disengage tails than Dynamic)

I would really pass on the others.
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K2 Public Enemy.

Durable, fun, and they're not much over $200 new, used should be cheap.
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200 SnoRangers (109-79-98); in great shape, w/ Marker M91s set at~324. 100+ shipping.
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