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Snowboard teams

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Well I am starting a snowboard team this year because I want to have something to help me really focus on improving my skills. I am just calling it the Mt. Spokane Snowboard Team because the local mountain I ride on is Mt. Spokane.

I just made my first website ever for this team and am currently using it as a place to talk about upcoming events in Spokane and the surrounding area. Please take a look at it and give me some feedback.

Also does anyone have any tips for running/participating in a snowboard team? I am have not participated on a snowboard team before.
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Well Martin, it looks like a blog to me. Since there are no details on what the team is, it's kinda hard to give you feedback.
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Martin, What is your goal here? competition or do you want to get a social club going?
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Have you looked into what local options there are for USASA competitions? You should.
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Yea its kind of a news/team/blog website. I have been having a bit of trouble getting the web programing done to get the team bio up, same with my blog area.

The team bio will focus on the team and will have updates on what events we will be doing along with pictures and videos of stuff we do throughout the season.

The news will remain Inland Northwest type news related to skiing and snowboarding.

My blog area will just be me talking about snowboarding, gear, snowboard movies and other snowboard events I attend.

My main goal here is to be a resource for all snowboarders and skiers around the area. A sort of 1 stop shop for comparing weather reports, seeing what events are going on where and finding out about deals.
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You still have not given us an idea what your snowboard team is about (e.g. racing, freestyle, social). You're not going to get much feedback without any info on the web or any details about what you're trying to do.
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yea my bad rusty, thought I answered it with my previous post but I see that I failed. The official focus of this team will be free style competitions but during most of the year when there are no competitions it will be more of a social group, one where we can encourage each other to progress our freestyle skill.

Is that what you were looking for rusty?
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Not to be promoting an agenda but, maybe you could contact someone with a Competition Center? Maybe like these guys, or I know other Summit County resorts have teams. They could give you an idea of what it takes to be successful with something like this.

Here's someone who could probably give limited time for advice. He's well-known in the PNW but he'll be down at Northstar running a program for Burton this season.
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Now we're getting somewhere.

Some suggestions:
You want to design your website to serve three team purposes-
1) to attract new team members (how to join, benefits, etc)
2) to brag (ok - advertise) about the team via photos, videos and results
3) to be used by team members as a resource (e.g. document tips specific to where you compete from where to stay, to parking to info on specific features, etc; document or link to trick how tos, info on competitors, etc)

Once you've got your team together, get to know your area marketing reps/event coordinators so that they know who your team is and will give you advance notice on upcoming events to help you better plan for them. Over the long run, you find yourself or team become more involved in running events (e.g. helping to find sponsors, setting up features).

You also need to find a place for your team to hang off snow. Find a spot in the lodge to "claim". If your team gets large enough (or old enough) you may be able to score a deal with a restaraunt (or bar) as a regular group (e.g. to show videos on a TV - either video of the days riding or cool stuff to stoke with).
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Thanks for the advice everyone!

I emailed the Winter Park Snowboard Team to solicited some advice from them.
I emailed the USASA InlandNW series director.
I also emailed a private freestyle snowboard coach.

Hopefully I can get some good advice about really getting this team started.

Rusty- Can you tell me a little more about how I would get around to knowing who the area marketing reps/event coordinators are?

I am going to start scouting some local restaurant/bars to see if we could get something going. I really like the idea of being able to play videos of either our stuff in the bar or just snowboard movies in general.
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Stop in at the resort guest services office (ask at the ticket window if it's not obvious). Ask to talk either a marketing person or someone who runs "special events". Ask them how many events they plan to run, when they're scheduled, if they'd like some help advertising or running the event, etc.
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