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Props for SlideWright

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I ordered a bunch of stuff from SlideWright thanks to the Epic discount. The stuff arrived quite promptly.

I did order a mender gun, which did not work. I shot Terry an email, and within 2 days I received a replacement gun. I have to say that I am duly impressed with the customer service they provide.

I'm highly satisfied.

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Interesting, I tried to use the epic discount code a couple days ago and it didn't work.
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Super guy to deal for your ski tuning supplies. I really like his Maplus Ski Wax selections and Sun Valley Tuning Tools. Another two thumbs up for (Terry) Alpinoid at
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You of course realize, Mike, that if it was a powder day, it might have taken 3 days.

Thanks Mike & JMD! Nice to hear that our efforts are noticed and appreciated by some. Hopefully, I'll get up to Boulder and Summit County sometime this winter and we can hook up for turns. FWIW, I'm putting on a local tuning clinic this week and have been considering 'taking it on the road' in your direction.

(According to the distributor, your gun was the first lemon they are aware of and we'll forward it to them for inspection.)

StormDay, we're just an email or toll free phone call away if you have questions or a problem.

Regarding our EpicSki (also similar for our 20% off snowsports pro, competitor and SAR) discount policy:

1-Set up an account at our store here using your email address and EpicSki name as password.
2-Send a PM indicating this has been.
3-If we're uncertain about legitimacy, we'll verify member or supporter status and real post count above 20. Your account will be adjusted to reflect 5% member and 10% supporter discount.
4-We'll send an email indicating this has been done. You will need to log out and then re-login to see that ll prices will reflect the appropriate discount.
(Note for pros (instructors, patrollers, etc) competitors and SAR, we'll need some other form of verification.)

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions or problems.
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I'll jump in here as well. Terry has helped out a few times on orders, hooking me up with deals when items were out of stock, explaining what I needed and dealing with my odd shipping requests. Plus the wax test that he arranged a couple seasons back.

But perhaps the biggest and most generous help I received from Terry was this summer while I was shopping for a new bike. While on a family vacation in WI, Terry took the time to price and some bikes for me, find out about sales and to inquire about shipping them to me. He didn't have to do this, and he especially didn't have to call me from the shop to relay all the info.

"Alpinord" is now the #1 number on my cell.

Big thanks Terry, for everything.
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Another testimonial:

My tuning kit is filled with goodies I've purchased from Terry. All the shipments have been prompt (including last week's kilo of wax) and the prices are always fair, even though I've never taken advantage of the Epic discount (next time, Terry, next time...) Even though I've only dealt with Slidewrite over 'the Internets,' I trust them more than more than most of the local ski shops around here. Thanks Terry, and keep up the good work!

PS: be sure to send out the word if you're coming up Boulder-way. Maybe we can get a drink at Rocky Flats!

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Thanks guys.

Kyle, once your GF puts the wedlock on you, you will soon become intimately aware of the difference between a 'vacation' and a yearly 'trip' to the in-laws. Escape tactics become necessary. Going to the bike shop was mutually beneficial and my pleasure. Looks like you ended up with a sweet ride.

Dan.....or for beers at Neo's, The Pioneer....or the Eldora bar where I used to work and free ski during school.
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Most of the time, people buy me beer for my tuning work. I don't take money since it is just a hobby and I don't want to compete with local shops (like that would matter). I just really do it for the experience and enjoyment of doing it. Helps to bridge the gaps between ski days as well as keep the beer fridge full.

I have one friend who I do a lot of work for and he likes to buy me tools / supplies as well as beer. This year I asked him to order from SlideWright. Despite the fact that he ordered so near the Thanksgiving holiday, I got the stuff very quickly. I found the prices to be quite competitive (especially on the much needed 15 meters of repair string I asked for.)

I got:

- a pansar file for maintaining my scrapers mainly (I have a thing that holds the file already, but my retired edge files just didn't do the trick and I needed something more agressive)
- 4 pair of highly technical, expert, master tuner brake retaining devices
- a nice new edge file
- 10 meters of clear repair string
- 5 meters of black
- an inexpensive stone for de-burring and de-tuning
- Some citrus base cleaner in a spray bottle (which will be way nicer than my old open ended bottle and a rag that would invariably get caught on a burred edge (since this is often my first step)

Didn't need any wax right now so I figured I would wait for later in the season if I end up needing it at all.

Either way, I am excited after last weekend in Mammoth to get tuning again. Thanks SlideWright.
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Your welcome and Thank You!
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I also just received some stuff I ordered from Slidewright recently. Looks to be nice stuff, much better than what I had been using( hardware store files and an old edge tuner), this will help me to take better care of my gear. Thanks and look forward to doing more business in future.
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I gotta jump in here for kudos to Terry at Slidewright. I called simply to get info about the t-track since I saw the threads using t-track with sliding vises. Terry could not have been more helpful. I ended up ordering some vises and could not believe how fast I got them!! Great vises too!! I have had one other dealing with Terry and binged up riller bar. It was replaced split-lickety-quick, no questions. This is THE place to do business!!!!
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So....when are you going to post your T-track bench master piece?
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I live in Norway and some specialist ski stuff can be hard to find. Dropped Terry an order yesterday - binding bit and a big bag of coloured binding hole plugs. $35 for postage sounded a bit steep, but the website said they'd review the international postage rates and refund if overcharged. Today I got confirmation that the order is sent, got the tracking number... and a $20 refund on the postage. Very sweet indeed.


Many, many thanks Terry - perfect service.


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Thank you Squawker.


The best international shipping deal going is the USPS Small Flat Rate global priority boxes. If an order is 4 lbs/1.8kg or less and fits, it can be shipped globally for $15 or so and arrive in just over a week. The box size is

(8 1/2" x 5 1/4" x 1 1/2"/216 x 133 x  38mm). One caveat is that the tracking options of the more expensive shipping options are not available, but the reliability has been very good so far.

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Got some great stuff for X-mas this year!  Emailed my brother-in-law a SlideWright wishlist and got some neato stuff. 


TL:DR version - very happy with everything! 




I end up doing a dis-proportionate amount of edge work (and base repair for that matter).  I think this is due to the fact that I am not working on race gear.  I just work on friends and neighbors stuff and get paid in beer (although sometimes I get wax/ tools as well).  These are folks who aren't really keeping on top of things if you will and they are not really regular riders.  My regular "customers" gear is easy to work on and I know every time I see new damage if there is any.  Either way, I get some thrashed stuff fairly often. 


I have read a lot about properly using stones and thought I would get a bunch to try out / make the switch.  Here is what I got. 


- 4 different Ski Visions stones (the main part of this order) in varying grits

- Came with a tuning stick for testing edge sharpness

- An SVST stone

- A KUU stone (Got these last two just b/c they were inexpensive and thought I would see what they were about)

- 4 High tech binding retainers

- Stickers for the new Yakima Box!!!  Needed these to sing the praises of Purple Maplus wax to the world! 

- Crazy roll of Maplus base tape just in case I also need to use some to advertise the awesomeness or do proper edge tunes without fouling the base.  


So the loot arrived very quickly as usual, but I waited to open them so I had something to open on X-mas.  Tried out the stuff and thought I would post some praise / thoughts. 


I really like going to these ski-visions stones.  I like that they can be refreshed if they get loaded up with material and don't wear out like diamond stones do.  I really like to not have to switch back and forth from diamond to file to work out rock damage.  I just finished a snowboard that had some level of damage on the entire edge.  The edges really surprised me how good they came out after I was done.  Sharp as hell (of course) but also really perfect looking again. 


I will say that even though I thought I would not have to use the file at all any more, It was nice to have to remove more material from edges that were not too good. 


The tape was unexpectedly handy.  I suppose it is the kind of thing that once you try it, you won't go back.  It is really nice to keep the filings out of the base of the board I was working on.  Very cool.


The original reason for looking into the Ski-Visions stones was for my 1 degree Ski-Man base bevel that I bought at the end of last season and they don't really fit that very well either.  That thing kind of only likes files as far as I can tell.  It hates my diamond stones because they are only barely long enough and it hates most other stones because they have to be just the right size to work - not too wide but also just the right thickness.  Unlike my old guide which would take everything (but was cheap and plastic) or a side bevel which you just clamp whatever to it.  I think I will look for a new base bevel that is designed more like my old one. 


I guess the only "Drawback" of this particular order is that now I can really see the advantage of a sidewall planer.  Looks like I will grab one of those soon - along with more Purple Maplus wax of course! 


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Ha! The tape was to wrap around your rocket box like Christmas lights, not to protect ski bases! biggrin.gif There's no question it and a side wall planer makes life a bit easier.


I've been putting off test driving the Ski Visions stones until I wore out my plethora of diamonds, but you convinced me to go pour a beer and hit my edges with them this time around, finally. Mark (SkiVisions) spent a substantial amount of time this past winter and summer improving his stone line and file base flattener files. The redressing ability can make them a lifetime set of stones. The new ceramic is not as brittle as the previous ones and ought to polish very nicely.


Thanks for the input and Happy New Years!







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I'm new to tuning and asked Terry for some advice on what ski vise I needed.  After some quick replies to my questions, I ordered the KUU Vise President ski vise and he shipped them the same day!  I received them quickly and am impressed by how well they work, especially for the price.  Thank you!



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Funny.  I noticed the difference in the ceramic but could not quantify it since I bought the small square ones from you last year.  I am sure it will be a good polish stone, but I liked it for that "mop" ability that seemed to erase burrs.  Not sure if it is as good at that.  I'll test some more tomorrow since I got another beat up board to work on. 


I LOVE that coarse Ruby stone though.  it takes a good amount of material but can still get through damaged hardened areas.  I have been spraying them with water when I use them, but I am not sure if that is right or needed.  Always did that with the Diamond stones so just kept doing it.     


PS - is that a Black Tire in your picture or just a regular Black and Tan?   

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A black and tan prepared by my talented wife. icon14.gif


Mark's theory, which is contrary to many others, is to NOT use lubricants. I tried that last evening and also really like the 180 grit stone. It honed the edges sharp, quickly (after I had to remove side wall material with the Toko planer)! Followed by the 350 and ceramic, I'm psyched to get out on the hard pack and see how the Stockls carve. The original plan was today, but my son wants to go on a mini-tour instead. I'll report back after I get on the piste in the next couple days.


Mark rewrote his instructions for the 4" stones and the Ski Sharp and are good reads, The Ski Sharp stones are the same as the 4" stones. Check out his discussion on grip/slip/glide relative to zone tuning of the edge and relative to a damp vs lively ski. I typically sharpen the same tip to tail and with my damp Stockls, I'm not seeing any reason to change at the moment. Experimenting with the zone tuning vs a radial tune might be interesting over the next couple weeks of foreseeable hard pack and corduroy with no new snow.


CJ, glad the vise is working out for you. Thanks.

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I feel I ought to pitch in to the 'Props for Alpinord' thread, too.  Every time I place an order, I feel like I'm rooting for a problem, because whenever an item is on back order, Terry throws in a sampler of something.


Recently, I was placing an order for a few items, and while browsing the specials, I found the teflon ironing pads.  We like to talk about game changers in skis and boots.  This stuff is a game changer in waxing.  For the last year, I've been crayoning and ironing with fiberlene.  It saves about 2/3 of the wax over dripping.  But when it comes to the overlay wax, I felt like most of the expensive HF stuff would end up in the fiberlene.  With the teflon pad, 100% of the stuff you rub on, melts into the ski.  There's absolutely no waste.  There's just no going back.


How is it a game changer?  Simply, there's no way I could afford a 50 gram puck of HF wax for $50, if I was dripping it on with an iron.  But after applying it to two pairs of skis with the teflon pad, I can't even tell which side of the puck I used to rub the skis.  I probably used a couple of grams, yet the results were great.  At this rate, the exotic waxes become available to the masses.

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I'll add some SlideWright props too.


I had seen mention of the soldering iron base repair method a couple of years ago and a short back-and-forth email conversation with Terry resulted in an order for the soldering iron, some P-tex, and some metal grip to repair hubby's race skis. Everything arrived quickly and I found that Terry had even posted a tutorial on his website in the interim. The first repair hubby did with the soldering iron lasted a full 2 years of racing before he retired that pair of skis.


I thought about hubby's first repair with that soldering iron today as he walked me through my first full set of repairs - turns out it was much easier than I had expected! Then, later, I had to chuckle a bit at the coincidence that I'm still using the last little bit of the Maplus Green wax that we got in the aforementioned wax test kit. Looks like it's just about time to put in another order! icon14.gif Gotta LOVE a company that's all about customer service!!!!

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