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At long last we have the EpicSki Academy 2003 Enrollment Packet (click here) ready to go. Thank you all for your patience as we ironed out the necessary details to make sure this exciting event will become a reality. I would especially like to thank Oboe for working late into the night(s) to get this right, as well as Tom Burch, Nolo, and Si for their awesome contributions of time, energy, and talent. With the help of many people, and the suggestions and comments of many more, this event is shaping up to be the best multi-day ski camp ever!

Be sure to check into the Academy Planning Room regularly for the latest information on EpicSki Academy 2003, and to register any comments, questions, and suggestions you may have.

We are all VERY excited about this event. Don't miss this opportunity to have a great time while improving your skiing under the guidance of some of EpicSki's--and the world's--finest instructors.

Please do NOT reply to this post with questions or discussion of the Academy--it is repeated in the Academy Planning Room (link above), where all Academy-related discussion should take place.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes

PS--ALL INTERESTED INSTRUCTORS--Please contact me, Tom Burch, or Nolo to receive the official Coaches' Agreement Packet.