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custom boot advice. Alpina 0ne 12

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I am in the market for new boots. I ski 120 days or more per season and pack boots in by the end of the season. A local bootfitter (Strands in Worcester) recommended foam injected boots. He claims they don't pack in as fast and are far superior to factory inserts. I am in my boots quite often. Are these type of boots more comfortable? How about performance.
The boots he recommend were Strolz (too much $) and the new Alpina one 12. They are custom injected and have a 100 flex index. Has anyone heard anything about Alpina boots? Thanks. Tim
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foam = hard to do right, cold, stiff, doesn't wear out as fast, doesn't pack out as fast, doesn't break down as fast, and $300-$600.might be worth just getting a new pair of boots from last year on sale for the same money?people that have had foam done right, love em.
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good advice, thanks. I do have a very well known boot fitter in the area. He is known as one of the best in the business. I think I trust him to do foam. I just worry about the comfort and performance. The boots are only 400, a good value for a foam injected boot.
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If you want something that last without the complications I'd look at Zipfit liners.

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+ 1 for zipfit, definately warmer than foam and they offer IMO an equally good level of performance for most people
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I have been skiing alpina race boots for over 15 years, all purchased from strands. Leif is one of the best boot fitters in the country, so I am confident he will always do a good job. I have the one 12 and have been skiing it for 3 seasons now. the flex is 120, and leif told me witha foam liner it should be up around 130. Love the boots except the buckles are a soft aluminum and will bend and wrap if you happen to take a fall. last season I brought them in and for no charge he inserted a flex adjuster that allows me to lower flex by 10pts with a turn of a screw. I think alpinas are overlooked. They perform as well as any langes or head boots I have tried at 1/2 the cost.




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