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Family Ski Trip Questions

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My family has tenatively decided to take our annual ski trip out west this year !!! I am very happy with this development! Anyway, I am in charge of finding good resorts that the whole family could enjoy. The basic breakdown by skill level is this:
Me-Advanced. I can do almost everything (steeps, etc.) I also freestyle so a good park would be nice too.
Parents and siblings-Intermediates at best. Prefer groomed runs
Cousins-My cousins might accompany us on the trip. They have some very little kids, but some older ones too, probably beginner to basic intermediate level.
With this in mind, I need some suggestions as to resorts that the whole crew could enjoy. I thought of Breck and Vail right away, but I need more suggestions. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks much. Think snow.
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Aspen in general, Snowmass in particular.
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+1 on Snowmass.
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How is your access to the ski airports: DEN, Eagle, Reno, Vancouver, etc.??? I would think you would be looking for direct flights. Also flight prices would dictate where you will head correct? Have you priced any flights yet???
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Over the past 20 years, another family and mine have met in the Rockies during President's week for a family skiing vacation -- we have been to pretty much every major resort in the western US. FWIW, we have never failed to have a great time at whichever resort we chose. The main variables to having a great vacation have been 1) how close we could stay to the mountain, and 2) how easy was the travel to the resorts (flight connections, etc). When the kids were younger, more difficult connections made the trip more arduous; when the kids were older, more difficult connections translated into shorter lift lines. My advice is to factor these things into your decision.
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Breck is a good choice, as is Keystone and Copper for the mix of skiers you mention. Park City is also a good option.
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Breck , Keystone and Copper (Summit County) are all great mountains. IMHO Breckenridge is a particularly nice town BUT if this is the first trip west for some of the group you should note that Summit County Colorado has some of the highest base elevations and highest lift served skiing in the world. I always suggest a lower elevation resort like Park City, Big Sky or Steamboat as a first trip to the rockies to see if any of the group is susceptible to the problem.
Most folks don't have an altitude problem but it can make for a long trip if one of the family has a altitude headache for a week!
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