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Breckenridge for Non-Skiers

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This season, if you're looking for a place to bring your non-skiing significant other, consider Breckenridge. In 2009, the town will be 150 years old, and a whole bunch of exciting off-slope activities are planned. The best part: many of these are free. For example, stop by the Welcome Center on Main and Washington. The back of the center has a two-story museum, where you can watch films about Breck history, and even check out a 1960s chairlift.

Take a look at the Breck150 MySpace Page.

Photo Courtesy of Denver Public Library: Permission to use by the Breck 150.
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I am headed to Breck and it looks great, I found this nice video that totally sold me. Anyone been there recently?

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Here are a few posts I put together on my blog. Enjoy your time here.
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