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Originally posted by vail snopro:
"Naming no more than 3 individuals, who do you feel has had the greatest effect on ski instruction in the US?"
Outside the square ......

Mr Madealotofmoneyonthestockmarket
Jack Burton
The HB2 Instructor

ML, your strength during the 2002 season was an inspiration to many. Walk tall.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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As an avid hot-rodder and genral "gear-head", I do seem to remember someone with bindings on a car at Bonneville. But 250mph? Are you sure? That seems kinda fast.
I remember a brown 68 Olds Toronado in the parking lot at Teton Villiage with 2 by 4s and binding on the roof rack.(never did see a skier attached )
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In the 70's after watching a flic with Jungle Jim Hunter on the roof of a 911, two buddies and I rigged one up on his....got pulled over just east of Chilliwack BC on the Trans Canada by an RCMP officer who ended up being a lifetime friend! 95 mph or so...we would smack the drivers side window with a pole when the bugs got too heavy or the legs too tired...did it about 3 or 4 times before meeting Officer Fickert!
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As far as instructors go, I would have to say that Alf Engen would be tops on my list. Considered "Father of Modern Day Powder Skiing." Of course, I may be biased, I walk past the Alf Engen Ski School at Alta everytime I put on the boards.
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See- didn't I tell you we'd have some fun with this one? Much more fun than beating on each other!!!

Since it seems to be opening up, let 'em rip!

Personal mentors-

1) John Wagnon (currently MKTG VP/ Heavenly)
2) Peter Shelton (currently freelance ski writer
3) Lito Tejada- Flores (he hired me into this biz

And many more than I can ever thank for helping me progress in this biz!!!

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Like I said, this is tough!

Of course, most of the list is there! Horst, Juris, Steve and Phil, Alf E., Jerry W., Mike P, Bill Lash, Judge Jimmy, Warren Witherall.....

How about Max Dercum, Ernie Blake, Fred Islin, Nick Fiore, Jean Mayer, Rudi Schnackenburger, Erich Windisch, Francie Peterson....etc.

A couple of mentors...Milton J Beens, John Briner, Annie V-S, Doug Decoursey, Pete Donahue, Bill Burgess

Ok how about the GWN? Nancy Greene, Al Raine, Don and Heather Bilodeau, Ernie McCullough.....
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OK Robin-
Then you have to add

Norm Crear
Martin Jean
Michel Bealieu
Cam Watson

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Wayne Booth, Wayne Wong, Floyd Wilkie, Fuji, Michel Daigle, Daryl Bowie, Stephanie Sloan, Laura Lee Bowie, Steven Smart....Rob Butler (that was for you, LM)
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1- Warren Witherell (more than most realize)
2- Horst Abrahams (as most do realize)
3- Harold Harb (as is yet to be realized) [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Robin [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img]

Hey! How come nobody mentioned Uncle Miltie????
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Hey, I did, look up a coupla posts...J Milton Beens! I should throw Dogger in there too...just so's his little nose ain't outta joint...but then there are all those other people with nicknames...toons, bomber, bergie, squatty....geez, the only handle I ever got is unpublishable...that's what happens when you pull the short straw and "get" to be boss!
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