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Atomic - Fischer comparison

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I have a pair of Atomic CS 130 flex boots and last year got a pair of 27 Atomic Free Ride 120 which is I believe the CS boot in a 120 flex. I have the FR in a 27. Wear a 10.5- 11 shoe.

My problem is I have a spur - pump bump,whatever on the base of my outside achilles- heel area on both feet which causes alot of discomfort as it rubs in what must be a pretty narrow heel pocket in the Atomics. I thought the 27 size would provide a little more space and relief. I've had both the CS and FR boots ground a couple of times. Its improved the situation but it didn't eliminate it.

I ws curious if the Fischer Race boot (the green and black one 130 flex last year's model) would have a less tapered - narrow heel pocket compared to the Atomic models I have? Other than the heel issue in the Atmoics they fit great- perfect.

Are there any other solutions to relieving the pump bump pain other than grinding. I've had shops in Colorado grind when I'm there. One shop showed me a round metal grinding attachment for their dremel that could hollow out the area leaving a slight oval like depression in that area. I have a dremel but have yet to see an attachment like that available for it at the Home Depots etc. Anybody know where I could buy one of those . Thanks for the assistance.
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Have your foot and footbed (and zeppa) assessed for alignment/posting. Have your cuff & canting checked too. In other words, make sure your foot isn't working overtime in pronation to gain and maintain edge angle.

Grind a pocket for the pump bump - it will simply get bigger with excess rubbing/pressure.

The pump bumps tend to be half bone, half bursa, so they should settle down in the off season. If you get excess bone growth, consider surgery.

Accept that you have a foot that will be prone to this problem. In my experience this is worse with Langes and choosing a very small shell size (one pinky behind heel).
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That's good stuff , thank you. I'm a flat foot pronator. Most recent footbeds are Super Feet corks made at a ski shop at Mammoth by a pedorthist (spelling). Anyway I visited another bootfitter at Vail who did some grinding on the shells and he very diplomaticly told me my footbeds weren't very well made and he added some posting materials to the bottom and thought that I looked pretty flat when he ws done. Also adjusted the boot cants.

So, nobody in the footbed - boot fitting gamenalways gets it right.I hate to spend another couple hundred dollars again on beds but at the very least I need to have checked thoroughly what you have outlined and if its necessary its necessary.Thanks for the response.
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