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First day?

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When is it for this season...share your stoke.

Me: 12/12/08

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Hopefully 11/29 at Chestnut Mountain, IL. 12/5 at the very latest!!!!!
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Sadly around New Years at Stratton, VT. Skiing with friends (which I don't do very often)!

And their locals, like about 5 years and counting! Show me thy stashes, b***h!

Can. Not. Wait.
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As of now: Unknown

It will be the first day my local mountain opens.
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Sunday November 2. Tignes, France. In the gates.

Sorry ...
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Depending on how you count your days...

8/24/08 - Chillan

11/02/08 - Killington
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12/13 somewhere in VT. We have an anual early December guys trip with me, my son, my wife's cousin and his 2 boys. We take turns planning and paying and this year is his turn. The date is set and I'm just waiting for word on where we are going. Killington is the likely suspect at this point.
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Probably 12/6 Hunter, possibly 11/30.
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We open in 11 days, cant afford the drive to Summit to do it now
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Whenever Bohemia opens. Hopefully early Dec like last year. Probably be pretty decent uncrowded powder and sharks like last year.
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Yesterday at Breck. Original plan was to hit the Basin, but Loveland Pass was closed, the wind was howling, and we thought it might be pretty miserable up that high. I was suprised by quality of the snow at Breck, although terrain was limited and there were quite a few folk there for a weekday.

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Originally Posted by Richie-Rich View Post
When is it for this season...share your stoke.

Me: 12/12/08

today...will let you know how the Head Chips worked
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The first planned day is 12/12 at Whistler. I hope to go earlier than that, but I'm still waiting on Ullr.
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Still shooting for Thanksgiving Saturday
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Thanksgiving Thursday at Taos.
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Nov. 27th Big Sky
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I was thinking it would be today, but then it got 50 and rained.

Both of my mountains open next weekend, but I think there might be family stuff I can't get out of in the city... so probably not until Sat. after thanksgiving.
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My first day of skiing was a couple weeks ago when I hiked Kirkwood.

My first lift served day will either be next weekend, depending on what Squaw opens, or Thanksgiving Day at Alpine Meadows.
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Just booked accommodations for our annual Mad River Valley Christmas trip (December 26-January 2) followed by Jay and Burke afterward, but my first trip better had be, as always, to MRG opening day.
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Rumor has it that it might just be this weekend
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At the latest, day after Thanksgiving, 95% Sugarbush (room is already booked, they better be open).

Hopefully (semi)locally before that, but I highly doubt it
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Shooting for Killington this week. It's quite cold and they are making a big effort to open.

One way or another, I would really like to avoid the Friday before ESA as my first day out. That would be embarasing.
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Assuming cooperative weather, at Wachusett next Saturday as part of their ITC program. It should be cold enough for them to make snow towards the end of this week, and there may even be a little natural snow over the weekend if the long-range forecasts can be trusted. Which they probably can't.
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11/22. probably horrible conditions but atleast i'll be out there.
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I'm hoping for 12/14 or 15 at Whistler. Here's to some more snow!
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October 8.
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Monday 11/23 - Okemo (provided they open and stay open), looks good.
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Me and Chris Davenport hit up Independence Pass first week of October after getting off a plane from Alaska. It was sick.
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