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Boots for Volkl AC30's

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I just bought a pair of Volkl AC30's for all-mountain advanced-expert skiing ability east & west. I'm looking for a good economy-buy boot to match. I'm considering the Tecnica Vento2 6's because of some great current pricing and seemingly adequate description. Do you feel these boots are relatively compatible with the level of performance the AC30's are capable of? If not, do you have any other economy-buy boot suggestions that'd work well with these skis?
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Sorry but buying a boot to work with a particular ski is a tad backwards, IMO.
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+1 My analogy would be like showing up to a drag strip with a car that runs on nitrous and putting vegetable oil in the gas tank.

Boot selection needs to somehow match your needs, like foot shape and size, and how you ski. There is no economy if matching you does not take place. Could that boot drive an AC30?, I do not know until we see you in it.

Are you at all suspicious that those boots are available online for around $150? Sometimes you just have to go with your gut. You might want to ask around to see why "the market" values a $500.00 boot at $150.00? It may be that the vento could fit my head vs a human foot, or maybe Tecnica was a little long on the product because they over produced and the boot didnt deliver the promise of working for hard to fit feet at all performance levels? On the other hand $150 bucks for a good flower pot aint bad. IMHO

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that technica should match that ski perfectly (color wise)
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I'm a level 6-7 skier who purchased the AC30's to have a good amount of upside from the ski's as my abilities increase. I am concerned about a new pair of expert-level boots that, while fitting the full capabilities of the ski's, may not benefit me at my current ability level (which is why I targeting these ski's with their intermediate-advanced ratings from most reviews). I understand now that I should have stated my abilities in addition to my ski's on the original post.

That being said, I am interested more in any opinions on the boots (per the reply that the boots do certainly seem to be available at a very reduced cost). I, too suspect there may be performance issues with the boot, but certainly would want to determine that from others experience / opinion (as it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to find a nice deal now and then).

Otherwise, with the additional info about my abilities and my desire to buy some equipment to grow into, can you offer any other specific boot suggestions?
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the AC30's are a mid to upper level ski. All companys make a boot that is the same area, but just like all skis brands (that have a skinny ski, a fat ski, and a twin tip in the mid to upper end range) boots come in a HUGE range of fits, and FIT is the key.please read, and re-read the stickies at the top of this forum. This all SHOULD make some more sence after that
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These guys are right on the mark. For the most part there is no relationship between boot and ski purchase. Buy the boot that fits and sets you in a strong balanced position or by the closest thing that a good fitter can then optimize. By the ski that performs in the way you like for the conditions and type of skiing you most enjoy.
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Heh heh heh. Just reread Starthaus comments on the Vento and his head. Never seen his head but hope it has a greater circumference than his foot and yes the Vento would probably fit it with room to share with his foot also.

We can't accurately answer questions here about fit because we can't see your foot, your leg and all the other things we care about.

Further you've purchased a performance ski to grow into and you are trying to match it with a low cost boot. The boot is more important than the ski. In Starthaus analogy it is the steering and suspension. Without getting them right the ski (tires) is really superfluous.

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