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Descent Pass?

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What is this descent pass?/ I found it in my Skiing magazine, signed up and made an account online and I'm wondering there are actually pretty good deals that come with this. So far, there aren't many, but will there be?

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ah, glad someone posted about this. I too am wondering the same thing, so I shall subscribe.
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Does anyone know anything about this? Joined this? Is this a fairly new thing?

Any information would be great!

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I've been on the website and I haven't seen a thing. I think this card is a lame gimmick. Don't freaking put it in Ski and Skiing magazine and then not have anything there! Jeez!
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Here is an FAQ page that I found. Basically, I don't know, perhaps there will be something worthwhile that will show up but as of now there isn't jack.
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I also pulled the PASS from the magazine and went to the website. It offered nothing more than some area descriptions and a signup page. SPAM of the highest order.
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Originally Posted by wolfelot View Post
Here is an FAQ page that I found. Basically, I don't know, perhaps there will be something worthwhile that will show up but as of now there isn't jack.

I read that FAQ and they claim every ski resort in NA will be listed. Hmm, if that is the case then why has not one of them offered any deals yet? I agree, this seems just like a SPAM drive.
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Kinda strange, they claim it is the "official site of the American Ski and Snowboard Association"... Googled that, cant find any info on it (unlike the NSAA, National Ski Areas Association, which is legit, or the United States Ski And Snowboard Association, which is the governing body for the Olympics...)
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Looks like it may be trying to push Exile Eyewear, as the whois data returns the same result for their domain and the descentpass one.

Phone number is the same as for a coffee shop in Bend?
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Yeah, what a load of garbage!
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Has anyone seen ANYTHING worthwhile on the website for this joke? If their marketing people see this I hope they know they are losers.
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I got chumped too. I created the account to see the deals that aren't there. I'm waiting for the spam to start arriving.
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Boy what a crock.  I just signed up for in in late 2008 and the site still doesn't offer any ski area bargins.  This site's a useless waste of electrons.

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Last year was the Beta test of this program. Stay tunned this winter will be awesome!!! Be patient.




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Snowbunny31, make sure there actually IS something worthwhile. This decent pass thing was a total joke as noted by the other posters. Beta Testing usually means there is something there to be had, something more than is list of ski resorts.    

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I also picked this up from Ski Mag & signed up on their website.  Spent quite a bit of time looking around but the claims of info and discounts seem to be bogus.
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 At least I never saw any direct spamming as a result of signing up for it.
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