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Solitude Opening Day

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Went to Solitude today for their opening. Four lifts open (Apex, Moonbeam, Eagle) including their beginner chair (Link). Really only about 2 runs open though their web site claims 6. Icy, icy conditions. Solitude is reporting 23-27 inch base mid-mountain. Being very charitable, there must be some place on the mountain with that much snow, but I didn't see it. At best, and again being generous, maybe at most 12 inches for a base.
All that said, I skied for about 3 hours and had a blast. There couldn't have been 50 skiers on the whole mountain. I ran down the groomed runs again and again, working on my form and trying to get my ski legs. Actually glad that the conditions were a bit icy as that made me concentrate more on my form and not just running flat out without working on anything but my smile.
All in all, glad that I went. We need a few more big storms until we have enough snow to really open the mountains.
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So the new lifts are done and running?
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Yes, the new lifts-Apex and Moonbeam are up and running. The new gates aren't in so the season passes won't work. Have to go to the ski ticket window and get a day pass.
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Solitude is a wonder of the ski world.

I had a pass there, for a year, and loved it.

They get every inch of snow that Alta and Snowbird do, but without the hordes. Solitude made me a powder skier.

I used to find fresh lines a week after storms in Honeycomb, and other stashes. Fond memories.

The only downside was lifts. From you say, they've taken a big step in this direction.
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By "icy" do you mean Utah "icy" or actual east coast icy?
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It was icy enough that in spots I couldn't carve my turns at all and the only hope was to slide through those sections until you got to some corduroy where the edges could grip. There were also some sections with enough snow that you could throw up spray. All in all, not a bad day for the first one, especially mid-November.
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