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I bought some Salomon X-Scream 9's this year, but they were last years model and were still brand new. I asked the salesperson and a very reputable ski shop about de-tuning prior to hitting the slopes, and they said I really didn't need to because Salomon is pretty good about having their skis come from the factory already ski-ready. I've skied twice, for about 8-10 hrs. total. I was wondering when the factory wax job is about done and when I should apply some wax myself on it, and what is the norm for waxing the skis (ie, how many hours are a novice wax job worth.) Also, what kind of wax is good for eastern skiing. Thanks for any help.
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The color of the base will change when it begins to dry out. Generally, you'll see the center of the ski's turning a whitish color.
How often you wax depends on you. I do it about every two days. Many people do it once every day, or once every three. The factory wax is usually really good. It should last three full skiing days before needing a tune.

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Speaking of wax... I finally broke out my new Volkl P40's last week and are they fast. Does anybody know what wax Volkl uses at the factory? These things are scary fast. I need to stay on my edges in the lift line to avoid taking off. I'd like to be able to replicate this wax job when I do 'em myself, so if anybody knows what they use, I'd appreciate a tip!
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