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looking for a mate

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No, not that kind. I had been skiing on a pair of Rossi B2s for several years when I took a hard digger last year and bent the crap out of one. Thanks to the great advice from forum members (and a good deal of demos), I ended up with a pair of Fisher Watea 94s, which I love. I would still like to retain the B2s for early season and was hoping to find a replacement for the bent one. If anybody has a spare and wants to part with it, I would be very appreciative!

Oh, and I get some help from my local shop in bending it back, but the ski is still not straight (and frankly dangerous to ski on).

Thanks Bears!
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so you have the rare, one size fit all ski. cool.

TGR has a single ski thread, take a look on that.

also just buy another pair, odds are B2's can be found in pairs, cheap
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