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Skicenter shop in Washington, DC? (bootfitting?)

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Any thoughts on this shop? Specifically in regards to the quality of their bootfitting/custom insoles. I'd need at least orthotics, possibly more work done (pronate pretty badly and have some alignment issues)

Should I buy new boots here, and have them do all the work? Or buy here, then have new insoles made in Breckenridge/Vail later this year (so I can at least get some skiing done in boots that fit "better" than my old ones)? Or just wait til I'm out west and have one of the bootfitter forum posters do it?

Asking here instead of that forum to make sure there's no bias
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I can't speak personally to their ability to create custom orthotics, but I'm a huge fan of the shop. They are well-respected in the area as the best option for bootfitting, and my girlfriend and I have both had outstanding experiences getting fitted there. They know their stuff well, and are great about doing follow-up work after the purchase (for free, if you buy there). In fact, we're headed there tomorrow to get some tweaks to my gf's boots, which we purchased last year. She's got a wonky ankle, thanks to a previous injury, and needs to have the liner built up around it to provide stablity (in one boot). They put some pads around it last year, but now that the liner's packed out a bit, they're going to "refresh" the work to make sure she's taken care of this year, too.

The only negative I can think of, when compared to buying out west (or up north), is that it's hard to get immediate feedback and resolution on any issues. You have to drive at least 2 hours from Ski Center to get to anything resembling skiing, so it can be a multi-week process to really dial something in.

If you're going to be near a ski hill for an extended period of time, and there's a good bootfitter there, you can at least try a fix, go out and test it, and then come back to evaluate it, and repeat that cycle a few times.

Of course, if you'd rather spend your time on the big hills actually *skiing*, then maybe it makes sense to do that grunt work while you're in the DC area instead.

I hope that helps a little...

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Check post #20 in this old thread:

Not sure about their current employment status, but at time of post (2005), the two Ski Center boot fitters mentioned, Brian Eardley and Brian Beaumont, were well known and highly regarded.
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thanks for the help folks, looks like they're going to get a shot at my awful feet! Both Brians are still there by the way.
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Welcome to epicski by the way. Here's another good site to surf: http://www.dcski.com/faq/view_faq.ph...mode=headlines
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DC Ski Center is great. I would only buy boots there or at Leesburg ski and skate. Their bootfitters are knowledgeable and low-key. I'm going to have some additional work done on my boots there in a few weeks.
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Yep, Brian at Pro-Fit ski and skate and Leesburg is also highly recommended.
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Brian or Jeff really do a great job out in Leesburg. They have never led me wrong. Agree with you on that Phil77.
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I couldn't agree more-

We recently tried the DC store, and specifically the services of Brian Eardley.

He takes the time to do it right, and my wife and I forwarded 2 more friends that are also very pleased.

Will report back after February skiing, but having used Jeff Bergeron in Breck, I am equally impressed with both, and those are high accolades-

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