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Hartford Festival

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Anyone going to the Hartford Festival? I can't wait for my first time skiing in CO!

And it will be great to meet fellow instructors!
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I'll be at the Hartford Ski Spec from 12/8/08 through 12/13/08. I've been there for the last few years and it's a great time. I have clinics on Monday and Tuesday and will free ski for the rest of the week. We also ski Vail, Copper and Beaver Creek. I ski a kbg mono-ski. I'm not an instructor, but my friend is. He also skis a kbg mono. It would be great to meet up with you and your more than welcome to ski with us if you want. Hope to see you there and think snow!!
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My "boss" booked me all week on training session, but I will have time to ski on the 12th (pm) and the 13th. I don't have my own mono so I'll have to use my boring regular skis

Since starting to learn the mono a couple of years back, I can't believe how responsive the equipment is and it really is a boatload of fun!!

And since I don't have a disability, it's always funny to get at the bottom of the ski lift, unstrap, get up and yell "I'm healed!!" to onlookers!!!

Anyways, we can set something up if you want to meet, if not for skiing, we can have a beer or two!
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