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How much toe room is too much

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Hi all- you have already been helpful with my boot fitting odyssey, and I thank you. This thread is a variation of a thread I posted in the wrong forum. I appreciate everyone's patience. After visiting several stores and trying every men's women's and child's boot out there I have found a boot that holds my very narrow and low volume foot in place- the Lange 160 WC (ZA 130 flex) (92 mm last).

The issue is the right size-- I have about a one finger fit (a tad more on the left foot) in the 25.5 (my mondo is 26.6 or so unweighted) but my toes barely touch the front of the shell when standing, and pull all the way off when flexing. The toe box in general appears quite roomy and I can wiggle away with no problems. The rest of the boot is a very very firm glove- not a mm to spare anywhere and the foot is rock solid in the heel and midfoot- with all buckles on loosest possible (including microadjustable). I suspect I may need a little room over the right instep if it doesn't loosen up a bit after skiing- currently have some (limited) nerve/circulation pinch.

Tried on the 24.5- a good bit less than a finger shell fit-toes touching the shell when standing, but pull slightly off when flexing. Toe box still roomy other wise. The rest of the boot is MUCH tighter-- particularly vice like over the insteps. This would need a lot more work.

The fitter strongly suggested I stay with the 25.5 (in fact suggested he would not guarantee the 24.5 if he sold it to me). I am not a racer, and am only in these boots because they appear to be the only boot that fits my foot. His reasoning was: (1) heel/forefoot width is fine in the 25.5; (2) 24.5 instep work may be substantial; (3) doesn't like the cuff height on the 24.5; (4) thinks the 25.5 will be warmer; (5) thinks less likely the 25.5 will be overresponsive for my skiing type-- fast bumps when alone/slower arcs with kids.

Is he erring on the side of caution fearing I will hate him after trying to ski and fit the 24.5-- or is it okay to have that much toe room.

As an aside, I asked him about the WC 150 in the 130 flex- a little wider (95-6 mm???), thinking I could get in the 24.5 in that without the crushing instep pain. He thought it would be too wide-- and also mentioned some differences about arch and instep height that would affect fitting.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks again!
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The most recent Langes tend to be pretty roomy in length. I realize that this can feel a little disconcerting to those used to the older versions. In general however, this does not negatively affect the overall fit.

If you are in danger of losing your world cup seeding, go for the 24. Otherwise, the 1 finger fit and your description of the overall fit of the 25 sounds good.

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+1 ....the 25 sounds just good, unless as SJ says there is a risk of not getting a start on the tour this season
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an other vote for 25. (more based on the odds are you boot fitter is right)
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Thank you. Just the calming comments I needed. The 25.5 boot feels very very snug, but the open toe box is disconcerting, particularly because I am coming from a pair of boots that were too big (mostly in the width and volume department)-- and than packed out to even bigger (different ski shop). I am paranoid I will make the same mistake TWICE in two years!!! Expensive mistakes at that!

I think the World Cup is fairly safe from any assault from me...either in this life or any subsequent ones..
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I agree. A tight end to end fit is not necessary for a great fit. In fact going to tight in length requires you to remain in a constantly forward flexed position which is not necessary on todays shaped skis. You want to be able to stand in a relaxed position. The heel , width and instep are more important then length and it sounds like that is working well for you in the 25. Sounds like you are working with a knowledgable fitter. Buy with confidance.
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Two days in the boots. Am now able to keep them buckled on the lifts- have even slightly tightened the lower micro buckles (still on first rung). They are phenomonal boots- precise and lightening quick. So far, in the warmer weather- 30+-, the flex has not been an issue, even in the bumps. As long as they don't pack out grotesquely- these should be keepers for many moons to come-despite the amount of toe room.

Will go back for some tweaks- alignment, etc-- but I will leave the flex alone (at least for now, until I ski them in true winter temps). Very happy I spent the off season on a regular gym schedule though-- the boots seem to require a good bit of attention... they seem to like to be skied, not ridden, so to speak.

Now, I just need more ski...
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