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Length Assistance - iM 82

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Hey All,

I am looking to purchase Head's iM 82 ski. Decided against the 88 because I want the quicker edge to edge.

I am 6'5", 185 lbs, level 8 skiier. Former high-school racer. Last owned pair of skis were 189 Rossi 9X, and loved the reliability and stability at speed - at that time I skied primarily the east coast. As you might expect, not so fun in crud or powder. I now ski almost exclusively in Colorado or Utah, but proximity to VT mountains make me want to have a ski that's manageable in the east on rare occasion. iM 82 seem to offer carvability/stability yet crud-busting and powder float.

Since the Rossi's, I have rented; skied 175 Pocket Rockets and thought they were fun but far too soft and no carve on the front side. Rossignol B3's (~175) I also found too soft.

Anyone care to opine on an appropriate length for the iM 82? I'm leaning towards the 184s.

Thanks for the help.
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I skiied the i.m 82 in 183 last year and it's a great ride. I'm 6'2" 235. Given your size and ability get the 183. This ski is a blast both on and off piste and it's one that really comes alive the more speed you give it.
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you would be right the 183(not 4) is what you should be on.
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No brainer to go with 183cm.
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Welcome to the forum…at 1” shorter and 10 lbs heavier than you I have skied the im’s 78, 82 and 88. I’d also recommend the monster 82 in 183 cm. While the im’s race construction will ski longer than advertised, with your size and background skills you’ll better leverage the top length. FWIW while the 88 is more popular and certainly a bunker buster, the 82 it is so much more versatile and only falls short of the 78’s tighter tree and bump bending flex. You’ve picked the right ski to lock on eastern hardback or run down western boot deep. Good choice, a vapor trail is now part of your mountain look.
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I'm 150 lbs, and the Monster 82 at 183cm is my fave ski out of the 20 I've skied on in the last two years.

For me it's long and damp, which is exactly what one needs for skiing fast in rough snow.

And they do turn quick enough.



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