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It wouldn't appear that you have a problem based on what you shared with us. Probably the bigger issue isn't how much you drink, but maybe why you drink. When examining that question it might provide some prospective to decisions you should make about alcohol. To be honest, I wish I consumed less less frequently. Alcohol has a bad way of creeping up on you over the years.
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Originally Posted by roundturns View Post
Alcohol has a bad way of creeping up on you over the years.
Creeping up? I wouldn't mind that, but in my case it's overtaking on the inside, hanging out the window and flipping me the bird.
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You may have a drinking problem.

Do you get a real sense of euphoria from drinking and the more you drink the happier you become? If so you have the alcoholic gene. It's a problem, but one that can be managed by making a pesonal decision not to drink too much. Setting a personal limit is one approach that works for some people. Other people can't stick to it so they set a limit of 0 drinks. Still other people go to meetings.

Another indicator of a problem that would apply to drinking or doing any other drug is that when you don't have it you can't have a good time enjoying yourself at a party; instead you waste your time wishing you had some. If for that matter, enjoying yourself without it anywhere anytime besides a party becomes problematic without it, you definitely should quit it for a couple of years and see how much better life can be.

How much is too much? If you get a hang-over you have drunk too much. If you always feel fine the next day, your good to go.

Does drinking affect your life in a negative way? Are there things you didn't do because of drinking that you would have chosen to do otherwise? Does your wife/girl friend complain about your drinking? Does being a little drunk cause you to become obnoxious? Have you been in fights you don't remember? Have you ever worried about being picked up for DUI? Are you in financial difficulties because you spent your food money on booze?

It doesn't sound like you have a problem, but we all know pollster's taint the question for the desired answer. Be honest with yourself.

Disclaimer: alcoholic gene not studied nor based on scientific evidence - though some studies have been encountered - based purely on anecdotes and personal experience.
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The acid test is that if you ever wake up beside a woman who looks like this, and don't know what happened, then you have a drinking problem

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yeah I agree - ask yourself those questions

I do find annoying the whole mentality of "well if you ask the question you are" or whatever. It's kind of like you can't argue against it "well the first stage is denial". No, I'm not denying it, it's just not true! How do you argue with that ... get's me p-ed off sometimes (makes me want a beer
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My Ski Vacation^*~
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Originally Posted by slider View Post
My Ski Vacation^*~
Slider, I'm sure you know, the next stop is the gutter in a pile of slush.

Or maybe a margarita glass.
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Do I Have a Drinking Problem?

Try this out: answers to these 20 questions will give you an idea if your drinking patterns are safe, risky or harmful. The test is completely confidential and anonymous; your results are not recorded; and are available only to you. You are not asked for any personal identifying information.

This quiz does not provide a diagnosis of alcohol abuse, alcohol dependence or alcoholism. The results cannot substitute for a full evaluation by a healthcare professional, and should only be used as a guide to understanding your alcohol use and the potential health issues involved with it.

When answering the questions, use the last 12 months of your life as a frame of reference. Be honest with yourself, only you will see the results of your test.

I hope this helps.
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One question that we often don't see on the "Am I an Alcoholic/Addict" tests is this, and I'd say it is probably a good measure.

Do you avoid social events where there won't be alcohol or where you can't drink?

If you can't have a good time without alcohol at a majority of the events you attend socially then you may be at risk of becoming an alcoholic if you aren't already. In other words, If you prefer drinking to not drinking by definition you may qualify as an alcoholic. I know a lot of folks in that category, but if there isn't a lot of turmoil in your live (and others around you) than it most likely isn't a problem. There's a huge difference between functional alcoholic and rock bottom alcoholic. What I'll never understand is the folks that order one drink, drink half of it, and be done. By their standards almost everyone that drinks is an alcoholic.
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Originally Posted by Lars View Post
Obviously, you must think you do. Otherwise, why would you be asking thousands of strangers our opinion?
Come on Lars, you know why he is asking. Cuz his wife said he ihas a problem and he is looking for our bar room support tah say he ain't gots no problem. You got it buddy. There ain't no way in hell you have a problem other than the possible one just mentioned.
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tongue in cheek for this one

good point ... welp it's like those lawyers say - never ask a question you don't know the answer to already - never ask a bunch of skiers if they think you should drink more ...

Which came first the happy hour or apres ski?! Does it matter???
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Do you drink more now than when in college? If yes, then u have a drinking problem.
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Can you stop drinking at a social function after you've had a few without difficulty? If it's difficult to turn down a drink (or otherwise control your intake) once you've had a few drinks, you may have a problem. While there are lots of indicators, if you keep drinking (or have difficulty stopping) on a particular day/night when you've said to yourself you shouldn't have any more (or your spouse tells you you you've had enough), that's a red flag.
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In the simplest sense (and it is certainly not a simple problem) there are two kinds of alcoholics. The ones who drink all the time, and the ones who don't, but when they do they can't stop. You don't seem to fall into either one of those categories, although you could be working on the second one. So it just seems to come down to: If you think you drink too much, then you do.
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