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Hey, Pete!

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And anybody else looking to assemble a backcountry outfit for as little money as possible:


That's pretty darn cheap and it looks like a perfectly good probe.
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Excellent, so far I've got the probe for $25 and G3 skins for $85, both from Tramdock. Also, I got a $150 orthovox avalanche beacon from mtnlion. Now I just need for them to put a nice shovel up there and I'm set
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I think they might be gone already, but here's what it was:

And here's the description and price:
CAMP USA Avalanche Probe - 240 cm


55% off
Reg. $35.95

// '); if (_isLoggedIn()) { $('buy_form').action = 'https://www.tramdock.com/tramdock/checkout/ajax/add.html'; } // ]]> //
  • One Color, 240 cm
  • 1 2 3 (Max)
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Thanks Bob - however I went to a funeral yesterday. A kid I taught with at Silver was killed last week in an auto ax. Nice kid too, 22 yrs. Life is strange.

Thanks for thinking of me.
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