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Im trying to figure out which bindings to put on my new Blizzard Magnesium SL skis. They are made for Marker bindings but it looks like they dont fit on the plate that well. Problem are the two screws that sit under the heel. They position right in the middle of the two screws that attach the plate to the ski.

I have a Marker binding and a Tyrolia FF type race binding at home. What I like about the Tyrolias is that the ski stoppers rice high up and fold tightly to flush with the skis sidewall. The Markers dont. They dont come up as high and are sticking out more. I have had problems with these kind of bindings before. Did not like them. Back then I used the Blizzard bindings made by Marker. Am I totally loosing it here? Are the Markers world class bindings? Good enough for FIS racers? Do any of you have experiances with the Markers?

Also, I have a Marker Piston Controll plate. Should I take off the original plate and replace it with the Marker plate? Any input much appreciated.