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all day instruction in co. in feb?

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Today I convinced my manager that I'm too busy to take a management class in reston, va. in January. Instead, I'd be much better off taking it in Denver in February! I'll be in class feb 10-14th and I'm thinking I'll drive somewhere on the friday the 14th and ski 3-4 days.

We typically take a week in Mont Tremblant each year where we sign up for adult ski week. This consists of 4 hours of instruction/guiding per day, with the same instructor and group for a week. It's an awful lot of fun and it's helped our skiing. It's also a bargain...two years ago, it was $35/US per day.

I wonder if any of the ski schools in co. offer similar instuction? I sent my wife to Lito's school in aspen last year for a week, but they're booked and they have a 27 person waiting list(!) for the first week in february.

Any and all suggetions would be appreciated.

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If you have the time to get back up to the Aspen area, Snowmass offers a program entitled “Mountain Explorers” This sounds a lot like what you did in Mont Tremblant. Five hours of lessons for four days with the same pro and small classes. Unfortunately, it’s a bit more than $35.00 a day, but well worth the price. I would suggest visiting aspensnowmass.com and link to ski school pages for more info. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] --------------Wigs
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thank you wigs...that looks great though you're right, it is quite a bit more expensive than tremblant. I checked tremblant, and the price actually went down(!) to ~$32 U.S., mostly due to fx rate movement.

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I will send you a private message. The SSD at Eldora is a "Bear". Give him a call at 303.440.8700 and I feel certain he will customize a plan for you. He is a good guy and extremely innovative. His name is Robin.
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Hi Frugal--

If you contact virtually any ski school in Colorado and tell them that you're interested in a week of group lessons with the same instructor, I'll bet any of them will have something that works for you.

If you're looking for an organized program, like Lito's Aspen thing, most resorts have these, but they may not have them that particular week--it's hit-or-miss there. There's Keystone's Mahre Training Center, Steamboat's Billy Kidd program, Vail's Wedel Weeks, and many more.

If you just want a good price for multiple days of lessons, again, most ski schools can help you out, any time. Almost every ski school offers a discount on the second and all subsequent lessons. The price is probably not far from what you paid last time, except that Colorado doesn't benefit from the Canadian exchange rate. And most instructors will prefer to ski with the same group again the next day, if they can. Of course, there will probably be a few new faces in the group each day, unless the entire group returns.

Good luck!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Hi Bob,

I'm not a believer in lessons without an overall framework with which to hang the instruction. This framework or physical model needs to be apparent to both the instructor and student. And the student needs a method to check performance against the model, so that they can continue to improve when the lesson ends.

For me, that's the attraction of Lito's method and the reason, that though I am a frugal skier, I sent my wife to Lito's class last year. I realize that some of Lito's ideas are controversial. But it's a progressive system with a comprehensible model. I used to teach tennis in college and occassionally still help a friend. I think John Yandell's Visual Tennis is analogous to Lito's method.

Well, I've droned on too long. But I wonder if you (or anyone) might recommend a program on this basis?

thanks in advance,

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