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housing help in Vail, Breck or Steamboat?

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There's two us poor students flying into Denver on the 18th and still don't know where to head. We're keen to get to Vail, Breck or Steamboat but the key thing is accommodation. We're aiming to work for the season but the accommodation is a nutcracker.

Does anyone know of anything we could try for cheap rent in any of these three places? we've tried craigslist, vail daily and various other websites..
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It's a simple equation of proximity vs. quality of accomodations vs. cost.

For example, you could live in employee housing (inquire with the resort HR department.) In that case, proximity is good, cost is low, but the quality tends to be poor.

You could also live off the resort in town - for example, Frisco, Steamboat, or Vail. Proximity is good, quality is good, but the cost tends to be high.

You could also live in one of the nearby communities, such as Eagle or Leadville and deal with the 45+ minute drive. Quality is good, cost is ok, but proximity sucks.

Finding the fabled "cheap housing" really doesn't exist, and almost certainly not for you since you're not a local. If you spend a few years there, eventually you might find someone who'll cut you a deal ($500 /mo, inc utilities for your own room would be a decent deal).

Thinking out-of-the-box idea: go to the trailer park in Summit Cove, find a trailer for sale, and offer the owner a ridiculously low price - like $2000 - $3000. Buy the trailer through a straight DMV title transfer and then abandon it at the end of the season. I bet there's some people very desperate to sell their trailers for any amount of $$$. Don't forget there's a monthly lot fee.
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Many resort operations (ski hills and major hotels) arrange affordable housing/transportation options for seasonal employees, often when recruited from other countries. It can vary from on-site to some distance away. This is typically something to take up with the prospective employer.
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Look in the local papers, most employee housing is probably full by now... Steamboat's employee housing is full with a wait list right now.
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I think I overheard some guys saying Copper employee housing is full also...try summit daily online.
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Leadville for on the cheap

Work at Copper, live in Leadville-

20 min drive most days over the hill to Copper from Leadville-much better road than hwy 24 (to Vail)-

I lived in Leadville for 3 years 2003-2006 and skied 70+ days per year at Copper mostly-the drive isn't too bad. My apt was 300.00/month heat included-not the best, but it was furnished and reasonably clean

There are plenty of Copper employees living in Leadville-workers even hitch hike back and forth
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I was just offered a job at vail, but i dont have housing arranged. Does anyone have a spare room?
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What kind of job?
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EpixMix photographer.
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There's a reason it's available mid season and that they would offer it to someone not already in the area.
Unless you just really like standing/kneeling out in the cold, there are much better jobs.

This time of year, you pretty much need to be in the area to find last minute housing.

Just show up, jobs are a dime a dozen.
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Thats the job I want. But i need housing
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Get a weekly rate at the Turntable Motel in Minturn, until you find something better.

Just go!
Good Luck!
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