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Rossignol FSK Bindings

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My kid bought some new Rossi boards, but wanted to keep the Rossi FSK turntable bindings. Only problem was that the brakes would not fit over the new wider skis. I took them into my home ski shop and fired up the burner and heated them up and re-bent them to fit the wider skis. Unfortunately, the last one I did snapped, so I'm inquiring out there if anyone has an old pair that they don't want anymore, perhaps the cylinder or tie-rods are worn out, and wouldn't mind selling me the base portion for cheap. That way I could put on his existing cylinder and heat and bend the brakes on the base that you sell me; actually I only need one base. Please let me know if anyone can help out there.

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These are hard to find bindings - no longer made - with something approaching a cult following. You're not going to find someone willing to give up a used one cheap. OTOH, you can buy new wide Rossi brakes that should fit the turntable, far as I know, maybe with some jury rigging. Check with Al's Ski Barn online. Alternatively you can have the broken one welded. Either way, it'll be less than the price of a new rig.
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Beyond, the FKS brake is completely integrated into the heel, it is NOT replaceable/ interchangeable like a 'normal' binding. I'd ski it with one arm and not worry about it, personally. If you want to replace the arm you can expand your search to any older LOOK ZR/ P18/ P15/ TT binding models, that might increase your chances.
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Sorry to hear you learned the hard way that FKS brakes cannot be bent without being disassembled. Unfortunately, as pointed out, the FKS bindings are no longer made, and you will have to replace the entire heel. I might take Whiteroom's suggestion, otherwise it's going to be a difficult to find and expensive replacement.
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Thanks Whiteroom, Thefrush, and Beyond,

I figured as much when I wrote this, but just thought it wouldn't hurt to throw it out there in case somebody had a partially ruined set of FKSs that they wouldn't mind making a little extra green off of. I actually found that if you are careful you can bend FKS brakes because I bent both brakes on 4 FKS bindings before the last freaking one I did snapped, I think I hit it a little too aggressively with the hammer because I was starting to get cocky about pulling that chore off. I partially heated them up with a torch, not enough to quite melt the rubber end tip, but enough to make the metal more pliable and then bent them with channel locks and a hammer. The biggest pain in the arse is that, as Whiteroom said, the brakes are integrated into the heal base so you have to find a way to clamp the binding into a vice without wrecking it, but giving you enough hold and an angle with which to bend the metal with the required force; quite tricky.
Do you think the lift operators will toss my kid for the broken brake, should I tell him to rock a safety strap on that one leg?

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do you think a liftee would even notice?
there is a thread on TGR on how to bend the brakes by taking them apart from the bottom that is pretty comprehensive

try your local shop, most still (may) have some old heels in the junk bin...
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