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Recommend a Tele based on my Alpine?

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Let me preface this by saying that Yes, I have read dozens of threads where people ask "which boot for me" and are told that it is impossible to tell without seeing their feet. However, I think this may be an answerable question, so here goes:

I have been telemark skiing about 10-15 days a season for the past 4 or 5 years. I would describe myself as an upper-intermediate tele skier, and have a variety of excuses for why I'm not better than that.

Sitting high at the top of my list is the fact that I have only telemarked in rental boots that are too big for me. For my first pair of tele boots I was given a beat-up pair of Garmont rentals in a 27. I later swaped them with a shop for 26's, but they are still too big.

I am interested in trying to find an inexpensive used pair of tele boots that, while not perfect, will fit me better than the rentals have, and hopefully help my continue to advance my skills.

My alpine boots are 24.5 Technica Diablo Magnesiums with custom footbeds that I will transfer to and from the teles. While getting fitted for them I was told that Dalbello Krypton Cross or Pro's also would have been a good fit for me.

Based on that information can anyone reccomend a tele boot that I could find used and that may be a good fit for me.

Also, what size? My alpine boots are 24.5 I was thinking 25 or 25.5? I'm assuming the liners in whatever I get will be pretty well packed out, as I won't be spending much.

Any advice will be put to good use swap shopping.
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start with a 25 tele boot. Having the right size (if not the right shape) will be a good starting point.

my store doesn't sell tele, (or technica) so I can't compare that shape to any tele shapes.
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When buying tele boots it is crucial that the ball of your foot flexes with the shell much like a hiking boot fit. If your ball of foot measurement is in the 25 mp range then that is what you should go with. If it measures for a 24.5 like your alpine boots then stick with the 24 size range. One aspect to watch on tele boots is where the shell size break is, some of them change on the 1/2 size some on the full size. Scarpe at one point used the 1/2 size shell break. ie: 24 1/2 - 25.0 same shell, 25 1/2-26 same shell. I think most if not all of the new boots change on the full size now like alpine boots. A good test for tele's is to try on the inner boot. If that feels good then try on the shell and buckle up. Then lean on a wall and stand on the toe and bend it. Watch out for knife like toe pinch, that is a hard area to change.
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Hmmmmmmm, Voodoo, Prophet.............
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