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I think I met the climbing skins direct guys at an avalache conference a few years ago. Are they from the Jackson area? The product looked great and the price is hard to beat. I have used the old purple ascention skin for years and have been very happy with them. I have seen other skins that sucked. The G-3s look great, but I have no personal experience with them. I got a pair of the BD lites like Bob Peters posted and am completely happy with them. I've played around with kicker skins, sometimes they work great, other times I have trouble keeping them on. Once one came off and I went about a mile kicking and skating before my partner behind me gave it back. I have thought about putting a strap on the front of the kicker that would wrap over the top of the ski. I have also used kick wax and carry a bit of extra blue as an emergency back up. I don't like having that gooey crap on my skis for the downhill though. Most tours I do are too steep for wax anyway. I hope this is usefull.
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Originally Posted by tetonpwdrjunkie View Post
I have thought about putting a strap on the front of the kicker that would wrap over the top of the ski.
All commercially produced kicker skins already have such a strap.
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thank you all, info was helpful. My son and I are just getting into the backcountry this year. We are starting out on very gradual sidecountry terrain to hone our skills. With the cost of safety gear, travel to avy course, etc. kicker skins may be a less expensive way to get started.
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Kicker skins are more like an optional additional to your skin "quiver."
That is, first step is definitely to get regular full-length skins (with width equal to tail dimensions minus 4 to 10mm).
Trying to save money by starting out with kickers will be *very* frustrating.
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So a new product out in the world are these new glueless skins, definately worth checking out. No glue to fail, and very easy to use. "Clipskins snap onto the edges of your skis in a fraction of the time it takes to unravel glued skins, while providing unparalleled reliability…instead of messing with your skins go poach the fresh powder, delete some skin-specific expletives from your vocabulary, and bid farewell to the hassles we’ve all gotten used to with glued skins."
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I've used BD Ascensions, G3s, and BCA Low Fats.


Of the 3, I liked the tip/tail attachments on the BCA LFs the best (they fit my Lib Tech NAS twips very nicely).


I'm currently using BD Ascensions on a pair of 180 AK King Salmons. the skins perform as well as the other brands i've used.

I dispensed with the clips on the tail as they are just kind of junky. I actually trimmed my skins to they go right to the tail and i just let the plastic "tongue" where the metal clip should attach dangle off the back of the skis. this has worked well. if the BDs had solid tail attachments like the BCA Low Fats, that would be awesome (not sure why they persist with the weak-a$$ clip system, because everybody I know ends up losing the dang clips in the BC--one buddy actually has strips cut from a sardine can as his replacement clips...had to do a quick fix on the BC and used a tin from lunch!).


honestly, i'd go with whatever you can score the cheapest (mine were free, more or less--i owe Spindrift a sixer of good beer next time we cross paths).



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Nice 2 year thread revival for Spam purposes!


Great idea though..... would be interested in hearing the reviews

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Sorry about the SPAM nature of that last post. We've got a pair that we will be testing, I didn't mean it to be full on spam just was a bit lazy to write about them so i copied something from the website. I had them in my hands yesterday and they are really fast and easy to put on the ski, takes more time to set up than a typical skin but once your set up it's super simple to use. I just know the inventor from from the shop I work at and I'm stoked about the technology...
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I was interested in the Clipskins too. I emailed several times asking about mounting for a pair of Manaslus and never got a reply. So I went with Dynafits Speedskins....I don't like sending money into space when the seller won't reply to email.

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