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Repair my Langes

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I have a pair of Lange Freeride 120 (Red). The boot is about 4 years old. I need to replace the toe and heel piece. Do you know if I could use a toe and heel piece from a different size Lange. Any ideas of where I could purchase these parts.
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any lange dealer can order them in for you

all are the same size, and are (I think) the same as the current exclusive or fluid. I dont remember which
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the current exclusive lugs should work on your boots
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What is up with Langes web site it is not in english.
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you won't get them on the web site, just find the closest store and they can order them...OTOH if you are using the website to find the store..... then go here http://www.langeskiboots.com/ and click on the dealer search top right
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Thanks for the link, that web site is in English. If you go to LangeUSA.com it is not in english, very strange.
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PM me if you can't find them from your local dealer. But shipping is from canukistain
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