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I think I missed the boat by a month for employment anywhere out west. Having just gotten into B.C. from Toronto on the 30th of october, in the hopes of finding a job on any mountain that has either staff housing, or is generally close to a town or city in order that a bus would take me to work and back.
I have sent away, to every resort in the b.c.-alberta area, that were still accepting e-resumees.
I am also living in a shelter,{828 cambie street vancouver} but don't mind it too much, as i am not a crackhead or do any sort of druggs, not my cup of tea.
Anyways if there is anyone here that can help, or give any advice, then that would be greatly appreciated.
And If there is nothing people can do, then I will just take a local construction job in the city, or a wharehouse.
thanks for all for the help.
{accepting e-mails at:}