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Bootfitter + ski trip?

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Like many skiers, i've never had a boot that fit right. I got my last pair from Greg Hoffman at GMOL about 5 years (?) back with Zipfits, custom insoles, cant-sole lifters, etc. The were better, but the insoles hurt like a bitch and I was still cranking my boots ALL the way down. However, I could ski at least a half day with great control, which was a step up! Boots are Nordica "The Beast" (110-120 flex) 26.5s w/ zipfits and -1.5 deg sole cant on left boot.

Unfortunately, my feet decided to change and now the boots are WAY out of whack - I had to take out the insoles and just put in superfeet becuase they were unskiable (I was literally 3" off vertical with one foot for a "flat stance") and incorrectly tweak the cuff adjustment just to get them decent, so it's time for them to go.

That said, I'm planning a trip out west for early March and want to get new boots fitted while I'm out there. I'm no longer in New England so going back to GMOL isn't really a worthwhile option. I don't want to spend TOO much on the lodging/trip, so Vail might be out, but I also want to make sure I get a very good bootfitter because my feet are a nightmare. I plan on spending at least the first day (or evening) getting boots fitted and tested, and a day or two later for adjustments if needed.

As for my feet, they're low-volume, super narrow, pronate, and I have scoliosis so my hips don't sit flat either, which throws my balance off to one side (fun, huh?) Even Greg seemed at a loss when I came in, so I can't just show up at the local shop down here in DC and expect them to get me a good fit.

I don't mind race boots thankfully - I'm a former PSIA ski instructor, but I don't ski as much as I used to, have a self-destructive obsession with bumps, and I'm pretty light (~5'10 155lbs) so I'd need relatively softer-flexing boots (probably in the 100-110 range, depending on brand?).

So - any suggestions for ski areas that have extremely good bootfitters (or nearby, slightly cheaper lodging mountains that I could take daytrips from)? I have airfare covered so it's mostly lodging and ticket costs that concern me, but I'm willing to pay a bit more to get a well regarded fitter so I don't have to spend another $1500 on boots next year!


EDIT: I'll also be out in Seattle over Christmas/New Years, so I could get boots fitted then too. I'll be skiing a couple days at Crystal. And, of course, if anybody knows of a good shop near DC that has the experience and expertise, I'm all ears!
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Originally Posted by jmblur View Post
Like many skiers, i've never had a boot that fit right.
We're working on changing that.

Originally Posted by jmblur View Post
Unfortunately, my feet decided to change and now the boots are WAY out of whack -
Have you seen a medical professional about this? How fast did they change. How abruptly? You mentioned you have scoliosis.
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Over the course of about 6 or so years? I can't remember exactly when i got them fitted. I can check this afternoon, I know there's a date on them (if it hasn't rubbed off yet) from Greg.

My dad's an orthopedic surgeon and had been keeping track of my scoliosis over the years. I still have plenty of lower-back muscle tightness, and am not really "in alignment", but have been stable for about 4 years or so. I was never bad enough to need a brace, but it's definitely noticeable if I stand "straight". I got the boots fitted when I was just about 18 or 19 (?) and wasn't quite done growing.
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It sounds like you got alot going on. My thought would be to keep you father in the fit process or at least get his opinion on skiing and stance issues.

Again without seeing you person it is diffucult to make any suggestions. Have you talked with an adaptive skiing specialist?
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so the boots fit still? as in you don't need a new fit?

maybe just new footbeds (or change / remold what you have?)

and different alignment work?

for a boot fitter check out the list of poeple at the top of the page, and plan a holiday based on that?
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Tahoe? Starthaus or Snowind? Reno is cheap, I think the hotel my shop is in is running a special right now for $39.95 a nite with free breakfast and dinner and gambling credits! Grand Sierra Resort hotel. Shuttle service to Squaw, Northstar, and Mt. Rose.

Or stay in Truckee and visit Starthaus.
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Sorry if this is a double post, it's saying it posted from my phone but not showing up now. odd.

Boots eem to be a bit wide to me, although certainly the angle is more what bugs me. The sole planing may (or may not) have screwed things up without getting higher lift plates, which given my current fitness level isn't something I wanted to look into. I'd certainly love to not have to drop another $800 on boots if I can help it, but am willing to do what needs to be done to get a pair of boots that will last me for a while!

i'm not so bad that I'd need adaptive skiing stuff at all - my form is pretty spot on with just a bit too much fore/aft split while apexing the turn (I kind of "shuffle" my feet back and forth - my inside edges tend to always be in the snow and the shuffle flattens them out some). It's more the comfort and control that bothers me, plus with whatever changed with my feet/body I was absurdly off from "normal".

I actually think my body may have gotten closer to norm than it used to be, so I was actually "overcorrected", as just putting in some superfeet as a band-aid fix seemed to work ok (with a bit of compensating cuff angle to help smooth things out), but I think the sole plane angle is now throwing me off.
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I am one of two boot fitters on the west coast that sells and custom fits Strolz custom foam ski boots. I have had 100% sucsess with tricky fitting situations such as yours and would be happy to talk to you about your situation. I have over 15 years experience with Strolz and over 20 years experience fitting off-the-shelf ski boots. Please feel free to give me a call, I would be happy to discuss Strolz Ski Boots as one of your options.
I am 30 minutes outside Portland Oregon so a day trip up to Mt. Hood is an easy 1.5 hours away to get on snow.
I am listed in the who's who" section.

Don Svela
Warren Oregon
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