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Multi lingual dictionnary of ski related words - Page 2

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Fox, you...

You had me ROTFLMAO

BTW, what about Gaelic, ma he (correct spelling, please)?
The only word I beleive to be Gaelic is Garda....but I'm not sure about it...(because of my lack of knowledge of that language)

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Sorry, Matteo,
I had used the phonetic spelling of 'siochana'.

At least two words in mine were genuine Irish (Gaelic).

So, have you added them in to your table yet?

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Fox, it is not my table...it's our table.
I'm working on it...
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Very good of you to do that, Matteo. I'll bet when AC gets back after practicing his Spanish, he will think this living dictionary is a very cool addition to the site.

Extreme Vet--chapeau!

Fox-- [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

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Thanks Nolo [img]redface.gif[/img]
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Matteo : Great idea !
Of course only a 100 % italian could be more clever than a 3/4 italian ( yours truly)

Fox , your LEXICON may not be in gaelic but express the Irish soul in a perfect way !
Back to "the color of trails" ( good name for an Sundance festival movie):fox comment about the p*ssing contest is maybe the reason why the trail maps here call the triple to quintuple diamonds " extreme skiing under responsability of the skier" .
Sounds ominous doesn't it ?

Next step will be to have trails dubbed :

" Unrecommended for common mortals , please file testament in patroller's hut, previous to suicide/ski the so called trail" :

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]Originally posted by nolo:
[Extreme Vet--chapeau!

Translation obsession :

Veterano Extremo --Sombrero Thanks .
Communication is everything , That's the reason no army allows their soldiers to fraternize with the enemy , it's very difficult to kill people you know !
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Isn't Gaelic spoken differently in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall and the Brittany Penninsula?
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Yes, they are all different, but from a common root. Both the Scottish and the French variation is called Gallic. The 4 langauges have many differences, but also a lot of similarities, to the point that a person from Shetland (tiny islands off the north coast of Scotland) could hold a convrsation better with a Breton, than, say with a Londoner.
I guess if it wasn't for global media, in a few hundred years English would be at least two different languages (and possibly 3 - British English, American English and Australian English)
With the advent of the internet, and global media, then in certain instances the languages are starting to merge - French has adopted many English words to the point that there are protests against the practice.
We may get to a point in the future where the idea of Esperanto is a reality, or at least there is a global language.
I just hope that as this happens, it is done with an integrity for grammar and syntax, and doesn't descend further into the lazy code that is written and spoken by many, if u c wot i meen, m8!

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This reminds me, when was living in southern France, local people used to speak a language there which was not French, was not Spanish, and was not Italian, but of which I could understand almost everything.
It is Occitan (who has studied French history/language should remember the debate between Langue d'Oil and Langue d'Oc).
Another thing, I remmeber watching a broadcast where it was reported that the French-Canadian language purist were sour with the French (and the French purist too were sour with everybody else)
because of the expanding use of English words in everday French, as an example, almost no one in France says:"aller faire des courses", instead:"aller faire du shopping" is used (BTW that's what we use in Italy too, instead of "andare a fare le compere"
"andare a fare shopping" is used...)

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This reminds me of a great joke about the difference between French and French Canadian. Unfortunatly it's about two "signers"(sign language) so it is very visual and couldn't be told easily here.
Here in New Glarus WI there are many people who speak the "Schwietzer Duetsch". I'm told that it isn't written and varies from town to town. A friend of mine who went to live in Switzerland found that his four years of German didn't always work over there. He loves to come here and talk with the oldtimers.
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Schweitzer Deutsch....
When they interwiev old Swiss people (of German mothertongue) on the telly, they have to put a translation underneath (the speaker uses Schweitzer Deutsch, the caption is in German aka "Hoch Deutsch")!!!!
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Yes Slatz, I do beleive that too.
Ex Vet, thanks [img]smile.gif[/img]
As for the p!ssing contest goes, in recent years I've observed a different behaviour here.
Specifically, resorts have started to dub previous black runs
as "unpatrolled, ungroomed run, ski it at your own risk, this run can be closed according to station management decisions anytime"
This is happening in France and Italy, I don't know about Switzerland and Austria...
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Same in spanish .
The differences between Spain spanish from Argentine , cuban , mexican etc spanish is amazing .
You have to be specially careful with slang and "bad"words , some are the same , some are innocent words in one country and terrible unpolite words in another .
I have a photograph of a huge block size hardware store in Mexico city called " la casa de las mil pijas " .
Perfectly normal in Mexico where it means The house of the thousand bolts.
But in Argentina the word pija is a very nasty way to refer to the masculine appendage ! [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

Once I was talking to some filipinos who sometimes speak spanish .After several unsuccesful attempts to speak spanish, we ended using english to really understand each other!
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I went to Niseko in 2000 to spend a season teaching. When I got there I remembered that I spoke absolutely no Japanese at all and in fact had not even brought a dictionary with me. These words I begged, borrowed and stole from the people around me. Anyone out there that speaks fluent Japanese is free to correct anything. But I made it happily through the season and taught lots of people (who didn't speak any English at all) how to ski.

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, 9,10Ichi,ni,san,yon,go,roku,nuna, hatchi,ku,ju
Across the hill: Shaman ni Tsui choku ni
Advanced: Jokyusha
Again:Mo ichi do
Ankle:Ashii kubi
Are you OK?:Daijobu des ka
Bend:(Hiza o) Mag-e-ru
Big toe:Ashino oi ya yubi
Challenge:Cho sen
Come here:Koko ni kitte
Complete / finish turn:Magari O Waru
Concentrate:Sho chu suru
Confidence:Ji shim
Control:So u sa
Difficult:Muzu kashi
Do you understand:Wakarimas ka
Do your best:Gambatey
Down: Shta
Easy:Kan tum
Equal / even pressure:Ona ji yo ni osu
Everyone:Mina san
Face down hill:Tani gawa o muku
Flat:Ta e ra
Follow me:Tsui te kitte
Follow my tracks:Watashi no shuppuru ni tsuite kitte
Go for it:Dozo
Hands out in front:Te mae ni
Hello:Ohio gozaimasu
Hill / slope:Shamen
How are you:O genki des ka
How many days are you here for?:Nun ichi koko ni tamari maska
I am from …… kara kimashta
In front:Mae
Incorrect:Maechi ga taru
Inside:U chi ga wa
Isn’t it?:Dey sho
It is nice weather today:Kyo wa tenki ga ii des ne?
Lean forward:Motto miani kutta muetae
Leg / foot:Ashii
Lets call it a day:Go kuro o suma desh ta
Lets go:Ikimasho
Lift up:Agaru
Look ahead:My ni mitte
Lunch time!:O hiru goham no ji kan des
Meet here at…Koko de..ji ni aimashoo
My name is…Watashi wa…des
No good:Da mae
Not enough:Tarinai
One at a time:Hitori zutsu kitte kudasi
Outside:Soto ga wa
Over there:Aso ko
Please:KudasaiiOnegai shimas
Please listen:Kitte kudasi
Practise:Len shu
Release:Modo su
Remember:Omoi dash te
Roll (ankles):Mage ru
Roll knee out:Hiza o hiraite
Round:Marwa li konde
Same:Ona ji
See you:Ja ne
Ski tail: U shiro / tairu
Ski tip:Ski no saki
Ski tracks in the snow:Shuppuru
Slower:Motto yukuri
Small:Chi sai
Steep:Ku shamen
Step:Ashi bu mi
Straight ahead:Mas sugu ni
Tap uphill ski tail:Yama gowa no ski tairu
This afternoon:Kyo no gogo
This evening:Kyo no yoru
This is important for steeper slopes:Kore wa ku shamen de taisetsu desu
This morning:Kay sa
To the left:Hidari e
To the right:Migi e
Toes:Ashii youbi
Together:Isho ni
Too much:Kakari sugiru
Too much edge:Edgy ga kaka li sugi
Traverse:Shaka ko
Turn left: Hidari e magatte
Turn right:Migi e magatte
Uphill:Yama gowa
Upper body:Jo han shin
Wait:Chotto matae ne
Wait down bottom:Shita de matte
Wait up top:Ue de matte
Watch out!:ki o tskete
Weight:Tai ju u
Weight on downhill ski:Tanigawa no ski ni taiju o no sete
Weight transfer/shift:Taiju o no se ka-e-te
What is your name:o- nameae wa nan des ka
Where are you from?:Dochira kara kimashta
You are skillful:Jozu des
You are very skillful:Totamo jozu des
You first:Anata kara hajimete
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