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Where should I go April 10-17?

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I need to get Air fare now for my trip. My thinking is Summit Co. due to elevation. Any other recommendations from the spring skiing bears for this time of year? Coming from the east for our annual western ski trip. We are locked into these dates.
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Or Whistler or Banff. I would double check closing dates on Summitt county areas.
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Those dates are fine (great in my opinion), and it depends what you like. I've always had great weeks in Utah, WB, Squaw, Mammoth and Vail at that time of year.

During past season, April was a dumpathon in Utah, whereas Tahoe snow stopped in early March. The year before WB was coming off a 47 foot accumulation in the spring.

If you want If you go to SLC, it appears that the PC areas will close around the 12, so it may only be LCC areas.

Put off buying the tickets as long as you can and see the way the season goes.
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snofun for the win.

Wait as long as possible. Your trip includes Easter, so there may be some spring break overlap, but still -- it's April, and most people are on to baseball by then. (Fools.) Deals will abound as you get closer, at least for lodging and lifts, and possibly for flights as well.

Some data points and ideas...

From a cost-effectiveness perspective, you may want to consider that both Squaw and Alpine will likely be running spring pass deals by late March. Prices haven't yet been set, but should remain under $150, and the amount should be transferable to a full pass next season.

Snowbird is a safe bet to remain open for a while. (We closed out last season there on June 1, and it remained open for a few weeks after we left.) The other Utah resorts usually close by then, though.

The only times I've ever skied Mammoth have been over July 4th weekends. April is supposedly fantastic.

A shot of my boys on the back side of Alpine in April 2006:

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I'd recommend Copper Mtn. Check closing dates though.
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Spring skiing at Whistler is amazing; beautiful weather, stunning scenery and a huge, huge mountain(s) with tons of snow. It's my #1 choice for spring.

Summit and Eagle county are also cool. The skiing is also great, and sun is guaranteed.

Also, the Colorado vibe - fun in the sun with great music and beer - makes the day.

Spring skiing last year at Beaver Creek and Vail was the memory of a lifetime.
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Originally Posted by Strato View Post
Spring skiing at Whistler is amazing; beautiful weather, ........
Careful - it can be just as crappy in April as it is anytime the rest of the winter. It's a Pacific rain forest, and anytime can be an 'opportunity' for days worth of relentless fog, clouds, rain, etc.

That being said, it can be fantastic - and you'll probably have the opportunity to see a HUDGE booter being built for latest MSP movie over on Seventh Heaven.
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Summit County is a good choice that time of year because of the elevation. All the areas will still be open and great spring deals can be found. That said, expect spring conditions most days, especially at the bottom of the mountain in the afternoon. Best conditions will be at A-Basin.
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Originally Posted by hobojo View Post
I need to get Air fare now for my trip.
Why? Projected Air travel tanks after Christmas and oil is dropping like a rock. I don't see much downside to waiting.
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