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Guest Centered Teaching

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Motivation is a key component of the GCT model for PSIA-RM. Here are two versions;

http://www.skipix.com/imagebig.php3?event=Eldora_Womens_Wednesday_3- 12&id=P3110017.jpg&position=1&total=14


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Sex sells, but skiing rules!!!! The fun of being an instructor!!
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[Sound of blowing the dust off of old alpine skis]

As much as I have maligned, PSIA instruction:

The Role of the Instructor

Where do I sign up to become an instructor? [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

Edit: Obviously having the guest centered is most important!

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Rusty I really enjoyed the pictures I'm missing teaching and Eldora already.
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This should be in the humor section, right? I sure had a good laugh.

Rusty, What is in your Rx?
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I'm actually going cold turkey. The shakes aren't too severe at present. I was afraid that if I continued on the percocet much longer I'd be forging scrips all summer. Oh okay....I took two at bedtime last night to take the edge off.

Okay...here is the story. About midway through the woman's program fiasco the rumors went from the sublime, to well, the superb. Seems the word in the locker room was that I was "disciplining" the ladies in my class by striking them with my ski poles. A friend passed this along to me. I told my students this and we had a little fun.

On Thursdays and Fridays I was the supervisor. I was at a 12:45 lineup and four of the ladies sauntered over to a group of about forty instructors. They walked up, turned around, pulled up their jackets, dropped their snowpants, and requested a "mild spanking" from me as a "warmup".

The next week one of the ladies requested a photo shoot.

I actually also like the second picture which I would entitle, "if you can't get them to make a turn.....beg a turn"

The lady in the first picture was amazing. She had never been on skis and in ten weeks could ski some fairly gnarly stuff with aplomb. She really didn't do well at the outset and said on day one went home in tears.

She practiced religiously and had more determination than anyone I have ever seen. She now is a solid level seven skier. She worked very, very, hard all winter.

In addition.....she knew what awaited her after a bad turn!!!

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Rusty, is she better than 97% of all skiers? I find it hard to believe that Harald wasn't involved....
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thanx Rusty! That generated a grin..I needed something to cheer me up! Nice clear shots, too. That ski school of yours seems a hotbed of scandal and innuendo...looks like you sorted them out though!
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