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Taos specials?

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Just wondering if any Taos hotels offer 'ski and stay' packages - i.e. 5 days/3 nights, including lift tickets, etc. Barring that, if anyone has ideas where to buy discount tickets for TSV.

Thanks much.

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The Albuquerque REI store has day tickets for $52 right now (I think the regular price is $64). Last season REI also had 3-day passes (non-consecutive) for $120 but they sold out really fast.

You can also buy the Taos card for $35 ($20 if you had it last year) and it gives you a $12 discount on your day pass, the 7th day free, and free skiing the last Sunday that they are open. Most of that information is on their webpage, there you can also find the "ski and stay" packages.
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Thanks for the info. We are already beating all those specials though

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As Simonda said - The Taos Card is a great deal!

Depending on when you plan to stay, this slopeside condo offers good deals (I can get you 5%-10% off of list price if you are interested) - www.snakedancecondos.com
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I'm interested. We are trying to make plan now.


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