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Hey everyone,

Thanks for the warm welcome.

Rusty, ever ski Indiana - Perfect North Slopes that is? If you're in Cincinnati over the winter perhaps we could make some turns together.

Pierre, I'm guessing your home area is BM/BW. When did we ski together?

Bob, Thanks again, I'm going to do everything I can to give this forum the time it deserves.

dchan, Congrats on your recent success. I'm sure you will be a tremendous asset to your area and our profession.

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Nah, the 97% thing needs to stay - it's fun!
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The 97% will never be forgotten! My goal now is to get SCSA to 98, with his permission. He certainly has the athleticism and the motivation to accomplish it.

But there are a few little things....

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by milesb:
Let's see if SCSA is still happy when he gets Bob's $400 bill! [img]tongue.gif[/img]<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Are you guys crazy? $400 for one days skiing.
Let me just say I'm disappointed with you both. Bob you are older and should know better but SCSA I thought you were a businessman.

We've had "RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE" and "THRILLER IN MANILLA" this could of been "WHO GOT THE UPPERHAND AT LOVELAND?" You guys just missed out on the biggest pay per view opportunity of the decade. A chance for the whole world to see how good you are (in percentage terms).

Everybody knows the real reasons for skiing are

1. To look good
2. To be better than anyone else (but at least better than 97%)
3. To make money
4. To get the girls (ski bunnies in thongs etc)

Some people would think you both skied just for the love of it.

Maybe Don King can get it on for next time you guys fall out.

(Tongue firmly in cheek)

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Gary Parrish- I've heard about the place, however, never been there. I usually have little free time when I'm there. I only have three more weeks when I'll be traveling. Maybe some week I'll bring my boots and a jacket!

OK....so the 97% stays
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>>>OK....so the 97% stays<<<

Thanks, Rusty, I was going to comply, but it is so descriptive and so fun :

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