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Monumental Summit

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At noon today, feeling very much like a diplomat, I led Bob Barnes across a narrow snow bridge at 11k feet and introduced SCSA to the inimitable Mr Barnes. You should have seen the look on SCSA's face.He had no idea the summit would occur.

A good time was had by all.

I felt like Jimmy Carter.
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I got to tell ya.

Barnes is a wonderful man. Really loves this sport. Really loves it. I feel like a made a friend for life. Imagine that!

We had a great day of skiing. And, you guys won't believe this. Barnes actually showed me a drill that I'm going to practice - pivot slips. Man. These PSIA guys ain't all bad.

The guy is skiing heavy hitter. And yes, he makes nice turns - very nice.

I bought Bob a beer afterwards. He explained a lot of stuff to me that made sense. And guess what? Harald and Barnes really do think a like. It's funny. They both agree about skiing movements -- pretty much. It's just that they have different definitions of the same thing.

So there you have it. Barnes and I are now buddies for life -- and that's a good thang. But I am not a member of the gang. You know what? I don't think anybody really likes the gang.

So Pierre. What's the name of my boat?
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Boat name = "The Gates of Salvation"

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Right on Oz
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I'll tell you something else too.

I have met some wonderful people here -- relationships that'll last a life time. Cheers.

Well, you know. Good people seem to attract good people.
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Wow! maybe There's a chance for World Peace after all!

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Yes indeed, Lisamarie. Next stop Afghanistan--I suspect the skiing's pretty good there!

Rusty, SCSA, and I had an "Epic" day at Loveland--played with a few things, showed SCSA how to do a wedge turn....


Thanks for skiing with me guys! Life is good....

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Man I got a warm and fuzzy feeling all over. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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This is great! And I'm happy that you guys met and skied together NOW. A year ago it may have had another outcome.

It's amazing how everybody mellowed and gravitated toward the center and decided, that after all, skiing is skiing [img]smile.gif[/img]

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SCSA, Rusty et al,

I was fortunate enough to ski an entire season, a lot of it under Bobs guidance, back in '94-95. His mentoring and coaching were key factors in moving me to where I am now in ski teaching. I'm not sure I ever let him know that - so "thanks Bob".

Take care all,

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Gary Parrish- I live in Co. and do a little consulting each week in the Queen City. Small world!

I learned more in two hours with Bob than I had ever learned before. I'm an average skier, however, I feel my progress was jump started yesterday.
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Ott- Your ears should have been burning. We talked about you and the changes to skiing. We all hope you'll come and visit this winter. I want to ski with the real maestro.

P.S. I don't want to go too far, however, I think SCSA may have seen the efficacy of a differing methodology.

It's like water dripping on a rock.

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Hi Gary, welcome aboard, I've skied with you.
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LOL, this is like Robin Hood meeting Little John or Darth Vader meeting Luke Skywalker.

I wonder if SCSA was 97% of what Bob expected ........

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Hey Gary Parrish--Welcome to EpicSki! It's about time you found us here--I've been meaning to drop you a note. I've seen you recently over at Hyperchange Cafe. Good to see you! You'll like this place.

Folks, Gary is a great resource--a top notch skier and clinician now from the midwest division of PSIA. He'll have a lot to add to the forum here, if he can find the time....

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Way to go everyone. Glad we had a wonderful outcome.

I only wish I could get more time skiing and less time in front of this computer, but soon... soon there will be snow.... there will be snow.... there will be snow...

Gary Parish,
Welcome aboard.
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>>>We all hope you'll come and visit this winter.<<<

Hi Rusty, I hope you get some snow [img]smile.gif[/img] ...we usually don't make up our mind as to where to ski until shortly before we go and then we look at snow conditions and head for that destiantion. It may be out your way or to Europe. BTW, you going?

This season, it is most likely going to be spring skiing, so by that time, everybody should be covered.

As for skiing with me, with only a few month left before my seventieth birthday, I might trade my poles in for canes. I still can make good looking turns, but they are all fake

But I'll try, as I already have told Bob.

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Wow, how nice it is to read about Bears getting together and skiing together.

SCSA doing wedge turns and pivot slips. Imagine that! :

So when do we get to see pictures or video?
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I want to know if you guys lit candles, held hands, and sang Kumbaya.

What a summit meeting! Wish I could have been there.
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Let's not get carried away. He showed me wedge turns done in a way that, according to him, were correct.

My position on wedge turns has not changed.

The pivot slip is a cool drill, but I'd been working on something very similar, ala PMTS. I think both achieve the same result, which is to get the skis flat, falling downhill.
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dcan, other new instructors: This thread made me think about what one of our older instructors told me when I started out. Don't take a skill away from a student unless you can replace it with a better (more efficient,easier, etc.) one. Whatever skills the student has at the point they come to you (unless they are beginners) has worked to some degree for them and is something they know.
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Let's see if SCSA is still happy when he gets Bob's $400 bill! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Yeah, Lucky--we did all that. You should have seen it--for a moment the sky went dark and a flash of lightning exploded over the peaks, and....

Actually, we did have a good time, playing with our skiing and throwing around some ideas, including (I hope SCSA would agree) straightening out some misconceptions.

The question, SCSA, is not whether you "like" the wedge (you're well past that stage anyway), but whether it was indeed different, as I explained and demonstrated it, from what you had been lead to believe.

No move, no stance, and no progression is "right" for everyone all the time. But I hope we at least agree that a wedge, properly presented, can be a useful tool for at least some people and some situations.

Now unglue those feet! ($400 please!) :

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Yes, the wedge as Bob showed me was different than what I thought it was.

Is it evil? No. Do I think it should be taught to make turns? Personally, from what I know and the real like examples I've seen -- no way. Do I think it should be taught as a way to slow down in lift lines? Yes.

On my stance, you have to remember that I have very narrow hips. My stance is going to open up maybe an inch as we discussed - but I'll still feel my knees when I ski.

We've been down the road of the narrow stance and there's no reason to go there again. All I know is that I use the exact same stance all day, every day. It works for me and I ski with a smile -- and that's what really counts.

Cheers and happy Thanksgiving to all!

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SCSA, if we ever ski together I'll teach you the Mambo, then you'll really feel your knees

You turned out to be an OK guy...it just took a while to get to know you...but we know you now better than 97% of the skiers on the mountain..<big grin>...

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Thanks for the kind words.

Hey man, I've learned a lot. I think I've told you this, but your words that skiing isn't a competition between skiers will probably do more for my skiing than anything. I had a huge chip on my shoulder, trying to show everyone that I was better than them. That kind of thinking is nowhere! I haven't licked it yet, but I'm getting close and I think about it all the time. Now, I'm pretty much able to show up and have my own private party with the mountain. It's outta sight.

For that, I'm forever grateful and I thank you so much.

I'll take you up on the mambo. Hey. You're only 70 and Warren Miller is 76. I saw Cold Fusion and he's still able to make nice turns. So Ott, I'll expect at least the same out of you.

Yeah, I'm one of these guys whose mouth goes off way before the brain has a chance to catch it. Then, I end up spending a ton of time back tracking. Oh well, it keeps my shrink in the chips!

Remember when you talked about the hats that the indians come to the ski area and sell? Can you get me one? Man, that'd be really neat.
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SCSA, that hat thing was just a chance encounter, I walked through the parking lot and there they were, so I bought one...

Now a confession, I (and I'm sure a lot of others) like it when we ski a little better than the next guy, but with me it's just an inner satisfaction. Skiing under he chair is more showmanship than it is being in competition with other skiers.

But when I see the many others who ski so much better than me, I feel so good for them, I have never felt envious, trying to do them one better.

So you are on the way to that, and it really shows in your posts on this forum.

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As the architect of the impromptu summit I have a request. Let's lay off the 97% jibes. I confess I've made a few. The guy has changed. We all know it. Let's lay off. You can all tell me to fly a kite and it might be fair! I think SCSA is intent on learning and I think he is willing to experiment with a variety of approaches.

SCSA loves to ski and he loves to learn. It was really fun to watch him with Bob.

I have to say how it happened. It wasn't planned. Bob and I met to ski. We're riding up the #2 chair at Loveland and SCSA calls out to me from below. I look at Bob and say.......do you know who that is.....I tell him and a huge grin slowly spreads across his face. Bob immediately said, somewhat to my surprise, "I've got to meet him".
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SCSA- IMHO you will experience a substantial breakthrough via pivot slips. Remember, they have to be done in what amounts to a corridor. At present, you end up with a blend of falling leaf and pivot slip due to leveraging the front of your boots. Open your ankles and hips and stay tall. Pivot slips can't be faked. Draw a line down the hill and keep your feet on the line.

You skied well yesterday.

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OK, Rusty, I won't mention the 97% anymore, though I've always mentioned it with a twinkle in my eye, I'm sure SCSA didn't take offense, I certainly didn't mean any...

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