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My new gig

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OK....here we go

I have entered into a long term relationship with the well known Tahoe business..."The StartHaus" The owner, Jim Schaffner and I have known one another for longer than either of us can recall. Our careers in the ski industry have evolved along similar lines and our paths have crossed and re-crossed several times. This time it is the perfect time for us to form a long term partnership to take the Starthaus to the next level in the ski business.

Naturally, we need to expand beyond our dominant position in the race world. We both have many long term alliances in the ski community that for various reasons, we have not been able to fully utilize in our seperate businesses. Now that we are working together, we wil be able to work more closely with the teaching community and the dedicated non professional skier base as well.

Jim and I already have plans in place or developing to work with professionals such as Bud Heishmann and Chris Fellows (of NASTIC) to provide technical and equipment related knowledge and assistance to a wide range of the dedicated skier demographic.

The Jim & Jim show is entering an exciting time for both of us. We understand that we must walk before we run and growing pains will surely exist. Still...we hope that the ideas and concepts that we come up with in the next few months and years will be as exciting for our friends and customers as they are for us.

Here we go................

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Good luck on this new business endeavor. Given your past successes, you'll have no problem.

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Congratulations with what sounds like a winning partnership!

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I see good things in this endeavor.
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Will you now be StartHausJim?
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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
Will you now be StartHausJim?
Uhhhh.....no that's the other guy.........

The SierraJim moniker was never actually chosen b/c of the synergy with the other business. It just seemed to be a fit to me so that's what I went with.

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Congrats to all involved! I am really looking forward to seeing how this plays out. I thing that there is a great deal of synergy between Jim, Jim and Bud, and this is a business worth watching and supporting. It certainly focuses some very knowledgeable services in one place, and with an expansion from racing into broader freeskiing services and retail, the Start Haus should be a very busy place.

Good luck
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Fantastic news, Jim.

For those who don't know of the Start Haus, it's known at least throughout North Lake Tahoe as the place for race tuning, and has recently started to expand its big mountain and park competition offerings. SJ's move makes this the only shop in the area that will have two top boot guys in one place.

My only complaint is the hours -- 10am to 6pm. Jim, is there any chance that you guys' attempt to appeal to the non-race crowd will include an expansion beyond bankers' hours?

Anyway, congratulations -- this is truly great news. See you in a couple of weeks!
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Congratulations Jim !!!! & Jim !!!!
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Very cool Jim...best of luck to you.
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Heard about this a while back. Glad to hear you are out of the closet with Jim now. Congrats. This should be a good thing for all of us.
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I've seen the high quality of free advice you provide here in the forum. You really know your stuff. Glad to see you're still earning your living with that knowledge and experience too.

Thanks for all you do for us folks and best wishes with your new endeavor.
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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
Will you now be StartHausJim?
No ... only known as Jim, and his other brother Jim

Jokes aside ... glad to know and surely you both will do well!
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To all that had asked about my end game, sorry for the delay. We were busy trying to define roles etc. before making an announcement. We're still doing that but are too busy fitting boots to finish so hence the rather bare bones announcement.

IAC, we will be doing 9-6 with 8-8 on Friday and Saturday in season. We are also working on some more space and several other ideas. We have already expanded ski retail over last year and there is more to come.

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Starthaus is already awesome and I am stoked to see it will still evolve. It is the only store that buys stuff that does not necessarily sell in volume, or for easy profit, full range of boot sizes for example. It has a complete line of tuning stuff and a full range of high quality wax. They have it because we need it, no other limitation to their inventory seems to exist. and mechanics that are smokin' hot, oh yeah! next to starthaus, many other stores seem like dabblers. You go Jim, and best to ya!
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Sounds like a damn good reason for stopping off in Tahoe one of these trips...
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Good for you, Jim. Best of luck.
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Excellent! Have been there; as Davluri says, superb for specialized, hard to find higher end. Any hints on how you plan to expand your product base? (Always willing to help Epic retailers fight the recession )
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We already have a broader base of retail skis than in the past as we now carry selected models from Blizzard, Dynastar, Fischer, Nordica, Rossi and K2. Given the space that we have and the vast selection of race skis and boots, we have little room to wiggle (literally). Our first move is either to find a little better usage of the space we have or to somehow get more.

Once we can shrug our shoulders without knocking over a stack of FIS skis, we will start to act on some plans we have been formulating. While there are some fine skis that we don't carry at this time, we couldn't show 'em if we had 'em so there's no huge need for more brands at the moment. For the most part, our retail customers are not very brand sensitive anyway. They typically are very experienced skiers and they just want something that works for them. We can for sure find that within what we have.

Our current priorities are more about space utilization, organization, and outreach beyond the race world. We'll deal with the product mix later.

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The good news is that space should be somewhat more affordable these days.

The bad news is the reasons underlying that.
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Great news! I worked with both of you Jims and really enjoyed doing business with both of you separetelly . And I think working together you can bring new horizons to Starthaus.

Good luck!

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Hey SJ,

For us lazy $h!ts, how about a location on your new digs. I'll be back in Tahoe this spring and will definitely stop in to browse.
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Donner Pass Road, a little east of SR 89 South. North side of the street.

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StartHaus = my favorite place to get skis tuned.

New hours sounds good. Opening at 8am on Sunday would also be nice.

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Thanks for providing the directions ya'll.

StormDay makes a good point about tuning. Starthaus is the only place that I know of where edge shaping/prep on every ski is done by hand. Every tune up is hot scraped and then re-waxed with Holmenkohl wax then cold scraped and hand brushed.

Interestingly, our top "hand" is playing with a new roto edge tool that has had some play on the world cup. He is taking one with him when he heads out with the Canadian Team for the season. He is currently unconvinced that it's as good as the best hand prep, but he's willing to consider it just as a time saver in high pressure situations.

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Good luck on your new digs

Are you gonna start having some deals..Like before, or is this a different arrangement?

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Nice landing, Chief.

I'm sure you'll see me swinging by from time to time.

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What's up with Sierra Ski? Will they carry on?
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Don't see why not. I think they've got a pretty good crew there. This is just my very humble opinion, but don't see that one survives at the expense of the other.

Different markets, at least for now.

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Hi Jim,
Brian F told me that you moved on. If I'm at the Starthaus, and you and Jim F are there, do I call you "Jim #1" or "Jim#2?"

Good luck with the endeavor.

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