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First post! Regarding House renting, and what I should avoid...

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I'm organizing a ski trip for over the weekend with my friends for approximately 6 people.

I've never rented a vacation house before, and I am wondering what is the best listing to find one at a good value, and any pitfalls I should be aware of. Like is it common protocol to see the house before you rent it, even though it is only for the weekend.

We plan on going to the ski resort at Sierra Tahoe, and the closer to the resort the better, or a short commute by bus.

I know this is a long post, but you guys seem to know your stuff

Thanks in advanced.
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First thing to do if your putting it in your name (ie:your paying for it and they are paying you back) make sure your friends aren't going to be drunk idiots in the rental. Otherwise almost any rental agency you go through should have pics of the place both inside and outside. Hot tub is always a must for the end of the day and usually worth the extra dough you pay for it.

Not from that area so can't point you in the right direction to look for places.
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Your best bet for a close rental house would be in Meyers, CA. about 9 or 10 miles east of Sierra & Echo Summit, & west of So. Lake Tahoe. There is virtually no lodging on the mountain, but there may be a few cabins along hwy. 50 near the 2 mile access road. Anything west of Meyers would take some research to find. If you did find something to rent, there would be nothing else there. South Lake Tahoe is where most vacation rentals are & there would be a large variety to choose from. Strawberry, on the west slope would also be a relativley short drive, but not much there.
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Make sure there's enough bathrooms. As someone that took ski trips with up to 8 people every year, 2 isn't enough when 8 people want to get to the hill in the morning and you're not on the hill.

Secondly, if you have get to and from the hill, make sure the shuttle comes and goes pretty regular. I actually never stayed at a resort when I couldn't be on the hill after the first time off hill. It was just too painful to wait for everyone to be ready in the morning so we could drive the rental van to the hill, assigning someone to drive back for the straglers that stayed out/up and partied. It's really just so much nicer to ski down to the condo for lunch (no cafeteria food), enjoy some wine and cheeseon a mid afternoon break, and a hot tub before dinner.

You really want the money up front and those going to understand that if they can't go for any reason, they will only get a refund if someone can be found to go in their place.

OH, if this is close to home and everyone will bring vechicles, make sure there's parking for all the vehicles. If you are bringing your own vehicles the issue of getting to the hill is not nearly as much an issue, but getting ready in limited bathrooms can be.

I only did week long trips so other issues you might encounter when going for a weekend I have no idea.
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Are you talking about this weekend or a weekend in the future?

For rentals check craigslist and here: http://www.vrbo.com/vacation-rentals...th-shore#10681 (other south shore listings not limited to SAT may work for you as well)
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For the future, maybe mid December, mid January..

Thanks for all the replies guys. Definitely some helpful tips.
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There was just an article in the New York Times about avoiding rental house pitfalls--I'm sure you can find it if you search their travel section. I've rented quite a few places from vrbo.com and it always it a bit of a risk (usually with rentals you pay a large deposit or sometimes the price in full; owners often don't take credit cards so you don't have recourse that way if things go wrong), but I've never had a bad experience.

Make sure there are lots of pictures--ask for more if there aren't, and be very suspicious if the owner can't give you them. Also be suspicious if the owner doesn't communicate well--your emails should be responded to promptly and they should answer all of your questions. I doubt it's common to ask to see the house in person first--I don't think most of us have that luxury, since we're vacationing far from our homes--but if you're in the area, you might give it a try. Hopefully it's a popular rental which means you would have to arrange to see it between tenants, which could be difficult.
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