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Kid's clothing donation

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Any Bears know of a charity that distributes cold-weather/ski clothing to people who need it?

We recently had a local drive seeking donations of clothing, foodstuffs, diapers, and various other items for shipment to Haiti following that nations’ horrible series of hurricanes. While rummaging through our closets, we came across some of our son’s old ski clothing that is most decidedly unsuitable for the tropics.

As we’ve only one child, we give most of The Kid’s outgrown ski stuff to our friends with younger children. We have however accumulated a pile of usable stuff, and I would most sincerely love to send it off to children that need it.

I’m not interested in sending a parcel to any organization that will sell the items to raise money for a cause, no matter how noble it may be. I would be more than happy to send it all to an organization that will distribute the clothing to those who need it.

I’ll be traveling quite a bit for the next several weeks, but will at times have access to the internet. If I’m not around to send the parcel, I may be able to contact Mrs. Bazzer, and have her send it along. Not in any hurry to send it off, but it’s getting cold somewhere, and there are kids who could use a bit of warmth.

Not out of any nationalism or regionalism, but I’d like to keep shipment confined to the USA. I know that there are chilly children in Canada and millions more distributed all over the globe, but I can’t deal with customs forms, international bills of lading, import duty, and various other forms of bureaucratic non-sense. Just trying to do the right thing without going crazy.

Cheers all.

Hey Epic admin folks, wasn’t certain which forum to post this up on. Didn’t seem like a dumpster item as there are too many articles to be of use to any family, (well, any family with less than 8 kids under the age of 12.) Also not really right for Gear Swap, as this is not something that I’m trying to buy or sell, and I’ve yet to become an Epic supporter. Probably will do so when I get back into the country. Y’all want to move it? Okay by me.
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Have you tried freecycle? I don't know how much in need the other families who participate are, but it is a great way to pass along used goods (of almost any type) to others in your area.
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Most towns have local thrift stores run by the Salvation Army and Habitat for Humanity, and the local Rescue Missions and all profits go to those causes. I've scored (and donated) several kids ski jackets, pants, turtlenecks, sweaters, etc.. even here in central NC. It's gotta pay it forward even better in a town that is closer to ski areas.
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As Crgildart says, the Salvation Army is good about giving stuff away to those who are in need.

I donate stuff like this to the local Seventh Day Adventist Community Service Center. They give such items, as well as food to folks in need, with no strings attached.

Another thing you may do is contact the local school and find out if a teacher has students she/he knows are in need. Often these teachers see a need and don't know for sure how to fill it.

Good on ya for having a charitable heart!
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Thanks all for the advice. Received a few PMs and will soon send a parcel to points north.
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